Adrenaline and positive sense after diving

Diving in Kemer

Diving in Kemer, the price of the tour is quite affordable - a great chance to actively relax, experience fear, adrenaline and positive emotions at the same time. Thanks to an experienced instructor who will always be with you you you are absolutely safe. After the first dive you will feel confident and you will want more. Diving in Kemer - familiarity with a new world for you, while diving to the seabed, which keeps a lot of mysteries and mysteries.

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Diving in Kemer Explanations

Diving in Kemer is an extraordinary adventure in the Mediterranean for real daredevils at an affordable price. The best diving season in Turkey, namely for Kemer, is the period from May to September. During this period, the water temperature is 21-28 degrees Celsius, and at a depth of 5 degrees below.

It is impossible to imagine scuba diving without a special wetsuit. Turkey is a favorable country for scuba diving beginners because there is clear seawater, sandy bottom, there are no fast underwater currents.

First, on the yacht experienced English-speaking instructors will tell you all the necessary information basic knowledge and skills, and then will give out special equipment and begin the first dive in a shallow bay, which is great for scuba diving in Turkey. In order to try to sink to the bottom during a diving excursion in Kemer do not need to be a professional, just have good health, desire and listen carefully to the instructor who will be constantly with you.Kemer's diving centers are sent to the best dive sites in Kemer — the bays of “Aquarium" and “Beacon”. There are no waves and winds, they are safe, and the depth reaches 3-6 meters. You will meet rich marine life.

And if you come on vacation with children, a good replacement will be the Aquarium of Kemer, where a huge number of unique marine life and varieties of fish, a snow pavilion, and unusual scenery.

Then you will have a delicious lunch on the yacht, and when you rest and gain strength for the next dive, then go to the bay “Kabarjik” where it is deeper and dive up to 18 meters. In the dark, you can find fish — stone, moray eels, and others.

No matter how much you go on a Diving tour in Kemer, the price in 2021 will still be affordable and unchanged. Each subsequent dive you will discover something new, meet different marine life and take unusual pictures. A diving excursion in Kemer, as well as how much it costs and reviews you can find in our group Vk or on our website. Diving is considered one of the most popular excursions not only in Kemer but in all of Turkey.

Diving in Kemer, the video and reviews of which you will find on the Internet, you can order from us, as a group tour, and individual, for more information contact our managers. On Dive sites you can learn more about what diving is and everything about it.

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20 person

Diving in Kemer Programm

  • The Diving Tour in Kemer begins with transferring our dear guests from their hotels.

  • Heading to the Kemer port.

  • Arriving at the port and boarding on the yacht.

  • Going on a cruise.

  • Visiting Kirish Bay (Kemer Aquarium).

  • All instructions will be explained to the participants and they will be trained by experienced instructors.

  • The duration of the first dive will be 20 minutes, and each person who will participate in the dive will be accompanied by at least one instructor.

  • Taking a break and have a grilled lunch on the yacht.

  • Visiting the Cave Bay in Kiris, where the second dive will take place here.

  • The duration of the second dive is also for 20 minutes, accompanied by the instructor.

  • Returning to the port and getting on the buses.

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our valued visitors to their hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:30 — 17:00

Includes Lunch, transfer in both directions, equipment, insurance, instructor and guide services.

Excludes Drinks, photos/video shooting.

Don't Forgets Water, sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing gear, hat.

Diving in Kemer price for excursion 2022

Passenger 15
Adult 20

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