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Fire of Anatolia in Side are an acquaintance with the largest dance team in Turkey, which visited touring in different corners of the planet. A perfectly spent evening, a lot of positive emotions and impressions. View an unforgettable show in the best places of the Aspendos Arena. Transfer on comfortable transport in both ends. The relatively low cost of the ticket, children under five years old for free.

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Fire of Anatolia Side more information

The Fire of Anatolia in Side is a tour that most vacationers try to get to. Fire of Anatolia a performance, thanks to which you can spend a great time. You will be entertained by 120 people, participants in the dance ensemble who traveled with their program of eighty countries.

The team participated in the Eurovision Council and fell into the Guinness Book of Records. A visit to this performance will allow you to better find out the legacy and property of the country, its culture, which has been created for centuries. You will see not just dances of real professionals. But also colorful, luxurious scenery and outfits that help convey the mood and life of the presented era.

Fire of Anatolia Aspendos

For the performance Fire of Anatolia dance team you can get from Side to Aspendos yourself - where is it, the description of the action, the schedule of the event can be found by visiting our site. How to get to the place, you can clarify right in your hotel.

A spectacular highly professional dance performance, which collects many national dances of several civilizations. The performance of the legendary team is a harmonious mixture of two cultures (western and eastern), ballet and modern choreographic direction. The project includes over three thousand figures and national musical motifs collected from almost every region of Turkey. The purpose of creating Erdogan for Mustafa was to introduce the entire planet to this unique country and its history.

The Fire of Anatolia show in Side consists of two different variations, each of which is attractive and entertaining in its own way.


You will be shown the dancing of the Mediterranean, which traces the culture of the population of the states of East and Central Asia, the Black and Aegean Sea. In the process, you will learn many facts, the features of culture not only in Turkey, but also of Azerbaijan, Georgia, along with Anatolian flavor.


Reproduction of the famous poem of the great Homer in dancing.

Thanks to this amazing ensemble, the only one in the world in its version (by large number and scale of the presentation), this country was glorified at all points of the planet. He set two records - for the largest audience of the audience and for the fastest performance of the original dance performance. As for the number of participants in the team, today it is impressive - the ensemble can at the same time in different parts of Turkey and other countries give four performances.

Aspendos Poster

Starting from April to November, the action will take place near the Aspedos (ancient Turkish city), the distance to which is relatively small. In addition, thanks to an organized trip on a comfortable vehicle, you simply will not feel it. The modern amphitheater Gloria Aspendos Arena allows five thousand spectators to accommodate. Artists perform on a huge scene with an area of 1300 square meters. Not far from this building is the antique structure of the theater, striking in its power and beauty, although it has not been completely preserved to the present day.

The Fire of Anatolia show tickets

The Fire of Anatolia show from Side is intended for those who want to see something unusual, see the theatrical action and find out interesting historical facts at the same time, enjoy a grandiose bright event. We provide the opportunity to book a trip and buy a ticket in one of the convenient ways - write to us, call or leave an application online. It is not necessary to pay money in advance. Payment is made in fact. You can get an answer to all questions during personal communication with the company manager.

Fire of Anatolia Side,The Fire of Anatolia show in Side

Fire of Anatolia Side share


50£ person
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Fire of Anatolia Side price 2024

Adult 50£
Kids (4-11 ) 25£
Infants (0 -3) Free

Fire of Anatolia Side programm

  • Gathering tourists from the Side hotels to Aspendos arena
  • Arrival in the Aspendos amphitheatre (the place of the event)
  • Accommodation of group members on the ground — in the center
  • First act of submission
  • Intermission
  • Continuation of the show (second act)
  • Return to the hotel

Fire of Anatolia Side details

Tour daysTuesday,Friday
Tour hours 19:30 — 22:00
Includes transfer, insurance, entrance tickets, guide
Excludes drinks
Don't Forgets water, bedspread (to make it easier to sit), special means of mosquitoes

The team got into the Guinness Book of Records

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