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Alanya City Tour having visited this amazing journey, you can personally see such famous places in the town, as Cleopatra's beach, Damlatas Cave, ancient Seljuk fortress, etc. You will have a unique chance to ride the cable car and meet the sunset on the top of one of the mountains admiring the beautiful sea views. Famous places that you cannot see on the Alanya city train trip are at your service with us at an affordable price.

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Adult 14£
Kids (6-12 ) 14£
Infants (0 -5) Free

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Alanya City Tour more information

Alanya City Tour - the town's former name was Alaiye. The name of the district was taken after the request of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who visited the city during the Republican period. This region is the most popular tourist destination in Antalya Turkey. It is preferred by an average of 3 million tourists per month during the summer season. It is attractive to every part of the world. The countries where the most tourists flock; are Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, and the UK. Among these countries, the largest number of arrivals are German, Scandinavian, and Russian tourists. If we based on the indigenous population of the district, according to data, the population is 310000 The weather is very hot. It even has a high temperature that traps people in the house during the day. Another factor that causes this condition is that the humidity is quite high. July and August are the driest months. The best seasons are April and May, end of the season is September and October as the season begins new. Those who enjoy the scorching heat should experience the weather conditions for June, July, and August, which are 3 months in summer.

I love Alanya's signed address

Alanya sightseeing program starts with the Alanya city terraces - The first place to visit is the viewing of the town terrace, which will present us with the view of the town as a postcard. It is 650 meters above sea distance. A terrace where you can take a bird's-eye view. The terrace includes a buffet, tea gardens, seating areas, and picnic tables. You can see the famous sign ''I LOVE ALANYA'', rose gardens, and many different tree species.

Alanya's places to visit

You will learn, visit and see about the history of the town by choosing our Alanya City tour and check many historical places like a castle, Kizilkule, Shipyard, Port Walls, Tophane, Historical Cistern Structure, Lighthouse, Damlatas Cave, Alanya Cable car, Cleopatra Beach and a lot of interesting things

Damlatas cave

Damlatas cave - You will visit Turkey's first cave on Alanya City Tour that is open for tourism. It was found during the opening of the quarry for the stone to be used in the construction of the port in 1948. it is named after drops of water dripping from stalactites. Damlatas means Drop-stone. Another issue that this cave is famous for is that its air inside is good for asthmatics. Some doctors apply a 21-day treatment program to their patients in this cave. The temperature of Damlatas Cave does not change in summer and winter. It always maintains its constant air. inside, the temperature is 22 degrees Celsius, humidity is 95 percent, constant pressure is 760 millimeters; There are 71 percent nitrogen, 20.5 percent oxygen, 2.5 percent of 10,000 carbon dioxide, and some radioactivity and ions.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach - After you leave Damlatas Cave, you go to the blue flag, world-famous Cleopatra Beach, which is within walking distance. You will walk on the beach but you will not be able to walk across the beach because the length of the beach is about 2 kilometers. The beach takes its name from Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. It is a beach famous, reason Queen was swimming on this beach. You'll be amazed at the clarity of the sea. If you swim using sea goggles, you will be able to see the natural beauty of the seabed and various kinds of fish.

Alanya Cable Car

Alanya Cable Car - You will take the cable car to the area where you can take a bird's-eye view of The Castle's Cleopatra Beach and Feel the town under your feet. The cable car, which has a total line length of 900 meters and will serve with 17 cabins, will carry 1130 people per hour. It is aimed to move 500,000 people in the short term and about 1 million people a year in the long run. The Alanya cable car, which came here it's about 37 years ago, was built for 9 million Euros, while the cable car climbed castle over the world-famous beaches of Damlatas and Cleopatra, both the texture of the city and the entire historical texture in the district center. will present to the visitors at once. The cable car's round trip price is 28 Turkish lira's

Sultan Suleiman Mosque

Sultan Suleiman Mosque - You will visit the mosque, a masterpiece from ancient history. The Aladdin Mosque, dating from the first half of the 13th century, with aliases kale mosque and Orta Hisar Mosque. It was destroyed by lightning strikes. Alaaddin Keykubat I built this destroyed mosque. It was later renovated by Suleiman the Magnificent. The exterior of the mosque is covered with bricks and square stones.

Alanya Castle

The Alanya Castle - Next up of Alanya City Tour is a trip to Castle, which has become a symbol of the region. The program begins with a closer look at the walls. The castle is built on a huge 10-hectare peninsula. It is surrounded by approximately 6 kilometers of fortifications. It has hosted five civilizations: Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman. The castle consists of 5 sections. Alanya Kaleici consists of 5 regions. The first zone is crescent-shaped with one end in Kizilkule and the other in the Shipyard; the second zone is the sloping part of the hill at the top of the first zone; the third zone is the area where Ehmedek is located and extends to the citadel; the fourth region is the citadel; The fifth district is the area where the nose is included in Cilvarda.

Red Tower

Red Tower (Kizilkule) - Kizilkule is a unique place among the Mediterranean defense structures. Tower was built to protect against attacks to the Castle from the sea. There is also a port and a reverse disposition in the area. It also protects this port and shipyard. There is an inscription on the outer north wall that was built in 1226. Kizilkule is made of floor: ground floor, first floor, mezzanine floor, open floor, and outdoor terrace.

Sunset in Alanya

The Amazing Sunset in Alanya - At the end of the Alanya City Tour You will be able to watch the sunset by going back to the castle from Kizilkule. You can take panoramic photos at sunset. The sunset will be unforgettable moments for you as Cleopatra beach is on display. You can see paragliders paragliding during sunset still haven't landed at the beach. And these parachutes can make the sunset more beautiful and capture more beautiful, creative photo frames.

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Alanya City Tour programm

  • Collecting our guests from their accommodations situated in Incekum for a city excursion in Alanya.
  • Exploring Cleopatra beach and Damlatash cave.
  • Moving towards Alanya Castle, where cable car excursions are arranged.
  • Checking out Suleymaniye Mosque.
  • Allocating 1 hour and 30 minutes of free time in Alanya Castle for leisurely strolls and photography.
  • Visiting the panoramic platform of Alanya to observe the sunset - (I LOVE ALANYA).
  • Wrapping up our tour and returning our valued clients to their lodgings.

Alanya City Tour details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 17:00 - 20:00
Includes Transfer in both directions, insurance, guide services.
Excludes Entrance ticket to Damlatas cave, personal expenses. cable car ticket
Don't Forgets Comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, camera.

The program includes 3 hours Alanya sightseeing trip in the town without shopping.

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