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Swim with Dolphins in Konakli

Swimming with dolphins in Konakli is an unusual tour to the dolphinarium, where those who want to see the smartest sea creatures will not only see but also be able to communicate and play with them. Dolphin therapy is beneficial for health as proven by science. You will have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. Beautiful, affectionate animals will cheer you up, give you a lot of pleasure, positive and amazingly pleasant sensations. You can even ask them to do some tricks - dolphins are good at sign language. There will always be a trainer near you who will introduce you to the mammals. You will love the trip.

Tours in Konakli

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Swim with Dolphins in Konakli Programm

  • Reception of guests from Konakli hotels and specified address

  • The Movement towards Dolphin Park

  • Free time until the end of the show for guests who do not want to watch the show

  • Listening to detailed instructions from instructors

  • Swimming with dolphins

  • Return to hotels

Tour daysEveryday

Tour hours 08:30 — 12:00 or 13:30 — 17:00

Includes Transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, entrance ticket to the pool

Excludes Photos

Don't Forgets The date and time for this trip are booked in advance, please discuss this with the manager of the company before going on a tour. Bring swimsuits and towels.

Swim with Dolphins in Konakli price for excursion

Passenger 10
Adult 100
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