During the Journey on the Boat, you can dive 2 times for 25 minutes.

Diving in Turkler

Tours in Turkler

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Diving in Turkler today is chosen by many vacationers, regardless of the presence or absence of deep-sea diving experience, as this is an opportunity to learn something new. The participants of the trip will have two stages of diving to different depths in two different places. While you are under the water, you can enjoy the unknown environment, seeing many types of fish and other living creatures, and algae. You will learn to communicate in sign language in depth. You can only swim. Tourists will have a good time, a lot of impressions and a great mood.

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Diving in Turkler Programm

  • Transfer our guests from the Turkler hotel

  • Departure for program from the starting point - the city port

  • Detailed instruction on the rules of conduct under water

  • Delivery of equipment and wetsuits (optional)

  • The first dive to a depth of 6 meters (25 minutes)

  • Rest on the yacht: swimming, sunbathing on board

  • Second dive to a depth of 12 meters (25 minutes)

  • Tasty lunch from the captain

  • Return to the port.

  • Transfer back to the hotel

Tour daysMonday - Wednesday - Friday

Tour hours 09:00 - 16:00

Includes transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, detailed instructions, equipment rental and dive suits, two dives, lunch

Excludes drinks (optional)

Don't Forgets swimsuits, towels, sunglasses, suncream, hats. If you are an experienced diver, we recommend taking with you an international certificate and lock-book that allow you to dive to great depths.

Diving in Turkler price for excursion

Passenger 15€
Adult 30€
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