Two dives of 30 minutes

Diving in Belek

Diving in Belek is a good opportunity to diversify your vacation and get to know the amazing underwater world with its inhabitants, coral reefs, amazing bottom relief.

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Diving in Belek Explanations

Diving in Belek in Turkey is one of the most popular activities for tourists. Even those who have never tried themselves in this role, gladly go on a short journey to see the mysterious world hidden under the water. Diving in Belek is a great pastime, especially since the price is relatively low. Our travel agency provides you with a comfortable transport transfer directly from hotels and back. You will find a lot of pleasant moments and unforgettable experiences. Fans of active and extreme rest are also recommended to visit a fascinating tour - Rafting in Belek.

If you decide that you need a holiday in Turkey with diving, make sure that you have no contraindications for this kind of activity. The second important condition is that you can only dive at the age of 12.

Detailed information about Diving in Belek:

Diving in Belek After arriving at the port of Marina, the group will immediately move to the yacht. The journey takes place on a proven route and includes passing by the most beautiful, picturesque places in the area. The diving program in Belek is carefully designed in two directions — for beginners and for professional divers. Be sure to inform the instructor about the presence of any diseases.

  • Just before the dive, you will have to undergo a detailed briefing on the rules of behavior in the water and safety, short training. After the formation of groups (no more than five people in each), holidaymakers will receive a set of equipment, which includes: wetsuit, scuba diving, tube, mask, compensator of buoyancy, flippers, and a cylinder with compressed air. During the dive in Belek (Turkey) there will always be two instructor-divers, providing safety and monitoring the process (the condition of the suit and other equipment, the duration of being underwater, depth).
  • The first dive to a depth of 6 meters takes place in the bay of Kirish (Aquarium), which is located from kemer's wharf about 20 minutes of movement on the ship. The bottom here is rocky and sandy at the same time, so you can quite see an octopus, perch, sea turtle or stingray. On the beach of the bay, there is a small natural pool, the depth of which is on average one and a half meters. For 25 minutes in the sea, you can enjoy the view.
  • Then you will find a little rest on the ship and a very tasty, hearty lunch of freshly prepared dishes, as well as a move to the next place of diving.
  • The destination is Kirish Cave, where the second dive, planned as part of the diving tour in Belek, will take place. The place is protected from winds and storms by rocks. Caves are on the shore, half-flooded, but there are also those that are completely buried underwater. The main one is the Kabarjik Cave, which is impossible to reach by land. The bottom is strewn with rock fragments, gravel, and sand. Here you can find different kinds of fish, such as stonefish, lizard fish, moray stone, as well as sea rangers and stars, octopuses, crabs and crayfish, shrimp.

After returning back to the port, all holidaymakers will be taken to hotels. During Diving in Belek will be conducted underwater shooting (photos and videos). Ready materials can be bought after the tour is over.

Why booking a Diving in Belek tour is better in our travel agency:

While on holiday in Turkey, you can always diversify your stay here by going diving in Belek. The cost of the tour prepared by us is low, and the program is interesting. When booking by phone or online, you don't need to make a prepayment, which is very convenient. All questions related to the trip will be answered by the company manager in the English language.

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25 person

Diving in Belek Programm

  • Gathering of participants from hotels

  • Departure of the team from the port of Marina (Kemer)

  • Instruction — rules of conduct under water, safety technique from professional divers

  • Getting the right equipment and wetsuits

  • First dive — depth of 6 m (25 minutes)

  • Rest with sunbathing on a yacht and swimming in the open sea

  • Second dive — 12 m (25 minutes)

  • Freshly cooked lunch on the ship

  • Return to port

  • Return transfers to hotels

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 08:00 - 18:00

Includes transfer, insurance, instructor, English language proficiency, coaching, equipment and wetsuits, lunch, two dives

Excludes professional video and photography, soft drinks

Don't Forgets towel, swimsuit, swimming trunks, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses and cosmetics, hat, drinking water, money, experienced divers (professionals) are recommended to take an international class certificate and a catalog with photos that will allow dive to greater depths

Diving in Belek price for excursion 2022

Passenger 18
Adult 25
Children (7-12 ) 20

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