combining a beach holiday in Turkey with a visit to holy places

Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey

Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey is a mini journey through the holy places, during which you will walk through Bethlehem and Jerusalem, walk Christ's way to Calvary and be able to swim in the Dead Sea.

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Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey Explanations

Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey, the price of which is relatively low, from our travel agency is an unforgettable trip that will expand your horizons, get closer to the shrines during the vacation spent in Turkey. For a two-way flight and a bright adventure, you will need only one day. Of course, you can take a tour yourself, but it will take longer and will be much more expensive. That is why our offer is very popular among holidaymakers for several seasons. If you are in doubt whether to go on a tour to Israel from Turkey, read the reviews of tourists, and all doubts will fall away.

Our company will offer you another tour that you can find new experiences about historical and ancient places with a Trip to Istanbul from Belek.

Detailed information about Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey:

After a tireless transfer from the hotel and a relatively short flight by plane, you will land at Ben Goodrion Airport, where sightseers will be waiting for an English-speaking guide.

The first destination will be Bethlehem, where the group will go after a hearty and delicious breakfast in one of the local cafes. It was here, according to the Bible, that Jesus Christ was born. You will see many attractions that play an important role in the Christian world, including the cave in which the son of God was born, and the Basilica above it, founded in 326. Also, there is an opportunity to visit the Church of the Nativity, which is still in force today. Since the construction of more than a thousand and a half years of that, it has changed little.

Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey will continue in Jerusalem. Tour participants will be able to walk through the amazing old streets. Today, the ancient city is the capital of the state. You have to go the Way of the Cross. It was along this route that Christ took place on the last day of his life before the crucifixion. Visit Mount Calvary, where the main action took place, as described in the New Testament. During your visit to the Temple of the Lord, you will be shown the stone of the anointing (the shrine is considered one of the main in Christianity), placed in the central vestibule. The Holy Letter says that Jesus' body was assigned to him after he was removed from Christ to prepare for the burial.

The walk does not end there - you will find panoramas of the Temple and EpisonIan Mountains and a hike to the Western Wall, where the rivers of breakers flock. These are the remains of a once-huge structure, between the stones of which are notes with requests addressed to God. For both men and women, there are mandatory conditions regarding outfits. The first must have a headdress called a kipa. Women should have their clothes covered.

The tour to Israel from Belek will continue on the shores of the Dead Sea with a special composition of water. A mineral-rich body of water is considered to be curative, saving from many diseases. If you wish, you will be able to experience his miraculous power. After a delicious dinner, you will have a return flight and a trip to their hotels in Turkey.

Benefits of booking a tour Israel from Belek Turkey in our agency:

Rest is not only beaches and entertainment, but also broadening horizons, getting new interesting and useful information. For those who share this opinion, our travel company has prepared a relatively inexpensive saturated program - a tour to Israel from Belek.

You can book Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey online by filling out a standard form, or by phone (write in the messenger or call). Prepayment is not required, the calculation is carried out on the fact. You will find an amazing journey and colorful stories, a huge number of attractions, and a lot of positive emotions.

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264 person

Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey Programm

  • Gathering holidaymakers from hotels

  • Arrival at Theanlian airport, boarding a flight

  • Landing in Ben Gurion, where the group will be met by a guide who speaks English 

  • Moving to Jerusalem

  • Stop for breakfast Ancient Bethlehem — a visit to the Temple of Christmas, a souvenir shop

  • Walking through Jerusalem — acquaintance with the Temple of the Resurrection, the passage of the Cross Path, the ascent to Mount Calvary, the contemplation of the stone of the anointing

  • Hike to the Temple Mount — panoramic views, the western wall

  • Move to the Dead Sea with the opportunity to swim in its waters

  • Dinner

  • Flight from Tel Aviv airport to Antalya

  • Back to hotels

Tour daysCheck with the manager

Tour hours 03:00 - 24-00

Includes transfers from hotels and back, insurance, flights, escort of the English-speaking guide-historian, entrance to the attractions, two meals a day

Excludes Drinks

Don't Forgets personal documents (passport), shoes and clothing, convenient for travel, closed attire to enter the temples (women can take headscarves, skirts at the entrance)

Trip to Israel from Belek Turkey price for excursion 2022

Adult 264
Children (3-12 ) 264
Infants (0 -2) 1

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