stunning oriental tale of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire

Trip to Istanbul from Belek

A trip to Istanbul from Belek will allow you to get acquainted with different eras and civilizations, traditions and culture, religion and architecture of the West and East, the beauty of natural and urban landscapes.

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Trip to Istanbul from Belek Explanations

Trip to Istanbul from Belek, reviews of which can be read on various tourist forums, is quite popular among guests of Turkey. One of the most beautiful cities, Trip to Istanbul from Belek to which is organized by our travel agency is the heart of the country. There are stunning landscapes, an abundance of architectural buildings belonging to different eras. You will find monuments of the Ottoman, Byzantine, and Roman periods, beautiful streets, the opportunity to see a real Turkish bazaar and make purchases, drink a cup of delicious coffee and make a fascinating walk on a yacht, which will remain in memory for a long time.

Detailed information about Trip to Istanbul from Belek:

Trip to Istanbul from Belek, the description of it can be viewed on the website or checked with the manager of the company, begins in the early morning, when all participants are collected from hotels, and then they are waiting for an air flight from Antalya. Upon arrival at your destination (Ataturk Airport), you will meet our guide, ideally proficient in English, who will accompany the group throughout the day.

As soon as you arrive in the city, you will go to Sultanahmet, a historic old district. It is here that there are many attractions that attract tourists from all over the world.

The first place to visit will be the Blue Mosque. It was built on the main square for several centuries. Construction work began in 1609 and was carried out for the next seven years. The materials were gemstones and a rare kind of marble. For the construction of the west (special niche for prayers) was taken a whole block of marble, from which and carved the structure, and then brought and placed inside a special black stone (delivery it was carried out from Mecca). The mosque is painted in two colors - blue and white. The building has 250 windows, from which light is poured on the mural. Patterns on the walls shimmer under the sun's rays and give a gentle blue hue, which eventually influenced the name.

Further, the Trip to Istanbul from Belek, the cost of which is fully justified, continues at the Hippodrome. This is an ancient square, which has another name, which is more than two thousand years old At horse square. During the ancient Romans, the famous Constantinople horse races were held in this area. The beginning of construction is considered 203. Here you can see several historical monuments - obelisks Egyptian (Theodosia) and Constantine, Snake Column, and German Fountain. After a delicious and hearty lunch in one of the local restaurants, you will get acquainted with the unique complex of the Palace of Topkapi, which is also called The Cannon Gate. If you are interested in the history and traditions of the Turkish people, we recommend going on a two-day tour to Cappadocia from Belek.

On three sides it is surrounded by the waters of the Sea of Marmara, the Golden Horn, and the Bosphorus. For many years this place was the main residence of the sultans. The construction took three years (1475-1478). In the 16th century, Suleiman I complied with Roxolana's request and built a harem nearby (the entrance is not included in the tour program). The total area occupied is 700 m sq. m. You'll also see a wall 1,400 meters long. During the walk, you will have the opportunity to see many different exhibits.

Continuation of the trip will be a fascinating walk on a yacht on the Bosphorus Strait. In front of you will open very beautiful landscapes, you will see the suspension of the bridge connecting Asia with Europe. Finally, the sightseers will enjoy a dinner consisting of national cuisine in the restaurant and will be delivered to the airport for the return flight.

The benefits of booking Trip to Istanbul from Belek with us:

Trip to Istanbul from Belek will allow you to learn a lot of interesting things from the history of Turkey, to see the most famous sights. We offer you to book a trip inexpensively. All you have to do is call or write to us. We have prepared a fascinating and rich program that will appeal to all sightseers.

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240 person

Trip to Istanbul from Belek Programm

  • Gathering holidaymakers from hotels

  • Arrival at Antalya airport, tickets, check-in

  • Flight to Istanbul and airport transfers to the city

  • Walk through Sultanahmet — the famous district of the city Blue Mosque (located in the main square)

  • Ancient Roman racetrack (The Obelisks of Constantine and Egyptian, Snake Column and other monuments of history)

  • Stop for lunch at a local oriental restaurant

  • Topkapi Palace is a museum complex with harem, treasury, armor and other facilities

  • Bosphorus Strait — yacht tour of a unique place connecting Europe and Asia

  • Dinner at a local oriental restaurant

  • Departure to the airport and return flight to Antalya

  • Return to hotels

Tour daysMonday,Wednesday,Saturday

Tour hours 03:00 - 24-00

Includes Transfer from hotels, travel to the airport and back, insurance, plane tickets, a tour guide with knowledge of English, entrance to the sights, a walk on a yacht, two meals a day in a restaurant

Excludes soft drinks, visit to Topkapa harem (entry at will, $10)

Don't Forgets passport for yourself and children, comfortable shoes and clothes, an outfit for visiting the mosque for women (scarf and skirt, closed blouse), money for personal expenses

Trip to Istanbul from Belek price for excursion 2022

Adult 240
Children (3-12 ) 240
Infants (0 -2) Free

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