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Paragliding from Belek

Paragliding from Belek is a popular extreme entertainment among tourists who prefer non-standard and active rest.

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Paragliding from Belek Explanations

Paragliding from Belek is an opportunity to fly into the sky and feel like a bird. If there is a desire, how should you tickle your nerves? Feel the adrenaline rush that makes every muscle tense, and then the sweet euphoria from the feeling of unlimited freedom? Then this is exactly what you are looking for!

Paragliding is a parachuting sport. Indeed, in both cases, a person soars in the air at an altitude of several hundred, and sometimes even thousands of meters above the ground thanks to a dome of soft, strong matter stretched with slings, which slows down the fall process. However, unlike parachute jumping, paragliding from Belek has several advantages.

First of all, a glider is a light aircraft controlled by an experienced pilot, a tourist here acts as a passenger. It is not for nothing that professionals call Turkey the Mecca of paragliding and beautiful views in this matter fade into the background, the main thing is the mountains and warm air, which create the driving force of the paraglide - thermal and dynamic air currents. The duration of the heavenly walk also depends on favorable weather conditions - from 15 to 20 minutes.

Paragliding in Belek: where we will go

A suitable elevation is required for a successful start. We offer three options to choose from:

  • We will go to Alanya to the Taurus mountains. Here the launch pads are located at the level of 500 and 800 meters above the sea, and the landing will take place on the golden soft sand of Cleopatra Beach.
  • In Kemer, Adrasan awaits with its peak of 1300 meters.
  • We invite the most courageous to the peak of Mount Tahtaly - 2300 meters, which is ascended by funicular.

For a more detailed program of all routes, please contact our managers.

For fans of extreme sports, we also recommend looking at the Diving tour from Belek. A riot of underwater colors will delight the eyes of any tourist.

Details and Important Information:

Any excursion related to extreme sports begins with getting to know the instructor and safety precautions, as well as issuing protective equipment.

Paragliding from Belek does not require any special training and has a relatively small list of restrictions:

  • People under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to participate.
  • It is recommended to refrain from individuals suffering from diseases of the heart, respiratory tract, central nervous system, and musculoskeletal system. And also for women at any stage of pregnancy.
  • With a weak vestibular apparatus, 2 hours before the start of the tour, you can drink a drug that inhibits its work and refrain from an abundant meal.
  • The maximum permissible height of a participant is 2 meters, weight is 110 kg, the minimum age is 9 years.

while Paragliding from Belek come with comfortable clothes, not restricting movement; shoes - well fixed on the leg.

According to the rules, during the flight, the passenger is prohibited from taking any gadgets with him, and, accordingly, there is no opportunity to take photos and videos, but this responsible mission lies with the instructor. After landing, the material can be viewed and purchased. You should not neglect this service and immediately refuse - not a single detail will escape the camera, and the emotions that change on the face one after another are simply priceless.

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58 person

Paragliding from Belek Programm

  • Transfer by comfortable bus to Alanya to the foot of Taurus Mountain

  • Way to top of the mountain 500 or 800 meters

  • Safety precautions and rules of conduct on a paraglider during the jump and the flight itself

  • Issuing equipment

  • 10-20 minutes flight

  • Landing at Cleopatra Beach

  • Free time watching footage

  • Transfer back to Belek

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours 09:30 — 16:00

Includes Transfer, insurance, English - speaking guide, instructor, protective equipment.

Excludes Photo and video materials

Don't Forgets Drinking water, money for personal spending, sun cream protection

Paragliding from Belek price for excursion 2022

Passenger 20
Adult 58

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