Tour to the famous market and to the ancient part of Side

Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek

Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek is a visit to the traditional Turkish market, an opportunity to buy fragrant spices, national sweets, souvenirs, as well as a tour of the main attractions of the city.

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Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek Explanations

Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek - a tour for those who want to see interesting sights and go shopping, enjoy the abundance of goods and buy something useful or interesting for themselves. If you have already got bored with the beach and party, then the offer of our travel agency will be useful.

The distance from Belek to Manavgat is only 45 km (the route can be seen on the map) - you do not need to worry about how to get to Manavgat, how to find the eastern market, learn the opening hours. From hotels, all comers will pick up a comfortable bus and take it to their destination. You will find fascinating shopping, excellent and useful time spent, the opportunity to buy the right goods and a good mood for the whole day. If you like historical tours, we recommend sending Demre-Mira-Kekova from Belek on a tour.

Information about Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek:

Manavgat is an ancient settlement located between Antalya and Alanya. The Mediterranean Sea is only 5 kilometers away. In the middle of the city flows one of the largest rivers of the same name in Turkey. The first buildings were erected in the distant 6 th. The resort was first mentioned in 1329 and was called Melas, although it is possible that it existed before. Initially, the settlement belonged to the Turks-Seljuks. It was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire only in the fifteenth century. Currently, it belongs to the resort area, located at a distance of 5 km from him, Side (Turkey) - how to get here on your own, you can check with the guide, in the hotel.

Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek starts from the morning on the market days (Monday and Thursday). Locals come to the market from nearby villages, offering their own products, ranging from products to textiles, ceramics, jewelry. Fresh juicy fruits, such as peaches, cherries, grapes, figs are quite cheap, and their taste is indescribable.

There is also an abundance of fragrant spices, Turkish, incomparable tea, real olive (homemade) oil. Don't forget to eat sweets. Remember that you are in a market where the prices of leather, cotton, knitwear are significantly inflated. So do not forget to bargain - it is not only possible, but also necessary. on Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazaar from Belek, You will be allocated three hours of time to visit the market, which is more than enough.

The next point provided by the tour is the Bazaar Manavgat and Side from Belek - the ancient city of Side with its attractions, photos and description of which can be seen on our website and other resources (the price of the trip is included in the overall tour). Side, the old city (Greek), was built in the 7th century BC and destroyed by the Arabs a hundred years later. Subsequently, in its place formed a small fishing village, which was called Selemye.

Today it is a large and very famous resort with perfectly developed infrastructure and ruins of ancient buildings. You can see the amphitheater (ancient theater), the market square, the walls, the hospital building, the towers, the monumental arch. But the brightest sight that attracts tourists - the ruins of the temples of Apollo and Athens. There are not many left of it - only five majestic columns of white marble.

By the way, near them you can take stunning photos. During the walk, which will last 2 hours, the guide which is in Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek will tell many interesting stories and legends associated with a bygone era. By the way, the date of construction of temples is called 150 BC. Restored 9-meter columns are a symbol of the resort.

Why booking a Tour bazaar manavgat and side is better in our company:

If you want to go to the bazaar Manavgat and Side from Belek - contact our travel agency. We guarantee comfort during the trip, convenience for your program, and relatively low cost of travel. You can book a tour by phone or online without prepayment.

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28 person

Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek Programm

  • Picking up our visitors from their Hotels for an excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek.

  • Arrival at the port and boarding on the boat.

  • Going on a cruise on the Manavgat River and enjoying the stunning views surrounding the river;

  • Stopping at the Delta where the fresh river water flows into the sea.

  • Here, there will be a free time and the opportunity to swim in the waters of the river.

  • Have a grilled lunch on the boat.

  • Return to the port and getting on the buses.

  • At the request of the whole group - we will visit Manavgat Waterfalls (extra fee).

  • Departing to the Bazaar (The Local Market) and spend some time there, as this popular local market is characterized by the presence of all requirements, in addition to its good and not too expensive prices.

  • Re-transfer our dear guests to their Hotels.

Tour daysMonday,Thursday

Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00

Includes Round-trip transfer, boat tour, insurance, guide service, lunch.

Excludes All drinks and the entrance ticket to Manavgat Waterfalls (3 euro).

Don't Forgets Swimwear, sunscreen, water, sunglasses, hats.

Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazar from Belek price for excursion 2022

Adult 28
Children (7-12 ) 14
Infants (0 -6) Free

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