Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek

Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek is a two-day trip, during which you will find an introduction to Turkey's famous places, its customs, culture, traditions and history, architectural and historical monuments

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Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek price 2024

Adult 80£
Kids (3-8 ) 40£
Infants (0 -2) Free

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Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek more information

Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek is a great opportunity to find out in more detail what Turkey really is the cost of it in our travel agency is low. Facts that you will learn from our guide-historian. To enjoy nature and explore the sights in one day, unfortunately, will not work. Belek is 285 kilometers from Pamukkale, Ephesus is 344 km in a straight line and 443 by road.

Detailed information about Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek:

The Ephesus-Pamukkale tour from Belek, the reviews of tourists about it are constantly published on various thematic forums, begins early in the morning from the moment of departure from hotels. After breakfast taken with them, the group will set off. During the trip you will hear a lot of amazing stories about this area, which will make the crossing almost invisible.

The first destination will be the ancient city of Ephesus, an ancient city that has survived to this day. You will see not only the oldest buildings, but also get an idea of the then providing its inhabitants with all the necessary, living conditions of the citizens. As part of the tour you will visit the Temple of Artemis and admire the amazing facade of the famous library Celsius Polynes, you can go to the homes of the richest citizens and the premises of the Roman baths.Our company historical experts offer you another ancient and history tour ,which name is Cappadokia from belek 2 days.

A spectacular sight is the design of the amphitheater, which originally accommodates about 25,000 spectators. It is worth noting that in all such structures there was an amazing acoustics. Everything that was said on the stage was perfectly audible in the most remote corners.

After the end of the walk, all tourists led by our guide will go to the holy place — the house of the Virgin Mary, which is 9 km from the ancient Ephesus, on the mountain with the name Bulbulolda. If you believe the holy scripture and legends, it was in it that the last days of the virgin's life passed. On the territory of this complex there are three unique sources — happiness, health and love, from which visitors drink water and even take it with them. Locals believe that the Virgin Mary helps women to become mothers, cures terrible diseases.

This place is associated with many mysterious and even mystical stories with a happy ending, which you are sure to learn about. There is also its own Wall of Desires, where everyone can leave notes with their desires. Every year on the feast of the Feast of the Virgin (August 15) they are burned, which means that wishes are sent to heaven.

On the same day you will get to the factory, where natural leather products are made, and then go to one of the hotels in Pamukkale (how to get here on your own, you can see on the map).

Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek will continue the following day. Cotton Castle is considered the eighth wonder of the world, created by nature for as many as fourteen thousand years. Today it is a stunningly beautiful area that has become a UNESCO heritage site. White steps-terraces made of travertine (mineral deposits), 17 thermal springs, considered curative, nearby Cleopatra basin with a unique composition of water were popular long before today. You will see the ancient city of Hierapolis, the excavation of which is still underway today, the amphitheater, walk through the streets and will be on its main square, you will see a necropolis with ancient burials.

Also, the program includes the red-hot springs of Karhait, which were open to tourists not so long ago, although the local population comes here often. On the way back, all sightseers will have the opportunity to visit the factories of onyx and textiles, to buy themselves and loved ones gifts and souvenirs.

The benefits of buying Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek from our agency:

If you are interested in the Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek, check out our offer. We have prepared for you a fascinating, bright program at a low price. You can book a trip online or by phone. No prepayment is required.

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80£ person
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Hotel with Thermal Spring

Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek programm

Day One

  • Gathering tourists from hotels and departure on a comfortable bus
  • Stop for breakfast at the restaurant
  • Stop in Selchuk for lunch at a local restaurant (drinks are paid extra)
  • Ephesus — a tour of the ancient city
  • The House of the Virgin Mary is a holy place, which is located near the village
  • Factory of leather products — an opportunity to watch the workflow
  • Arrival and check-in in hotel rooms
  • Dinner at the hotel restaurant
  • Day two
  • Breakfast at the hotel (national cuisine)
  • Eviction and continuation of the tour
  • Karahait — visiting red-hot springs
  • Pamukkale — Travertine Terraces, Hierapolis, Cleopatra Pool
  • Lunch in a small restaurant (buffet, extra drinks are paid for)
  • Onyx factory, where you can not only see exquisite products and learn how they are produced, but also buy souvenirs
  • Walking through the textile factory

Pamukkale Ephesus tour from Belek details

Tour daysThursday (clarification)
Tour hours 06:30 - 18:00
Includes Transfers from the hotel and back, insurance, a guide, English-speaking guide, , dinner and breakfast in the hotel restaurant (without drinks), hotel accommodation “four stars”, two meals a day during the Travel
Excludes Drinks, tickets to Ephesus, the house of the Virgin Mary, Pamukkale with its attractions, Cleopatra pool (optional, adult — $10, children 7-12 years — $5, children 0-6 years — free), red thermal springs Karhait (optional, adult — $10, children 7-12 years — $5, children 0-6 years — free)
Don't Forgets A smelter, swimming trunks, a towel, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses and cream, water for drinking, lunch-box (ordered at the reception the day before departure) Back to your hotels

Two iconic landmarks in one tour

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