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Belek cable car is tour to Tahtali mountain, is an exciting excursion that allows you to see the area from a bird's eye view. Walking on a mountain peak in Turkey, beautiful panoramic views, the opportunity to enjoy national cuisine. The constant presence of guide who will tell you how to get to paragliding and other attractions. The favorable price of a trip to the Antalya Olympos funicular, which is suitable for vacationers of all ages, including kids, as evidenced by many positive reviews.

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Belek cable car is daily tour to the Tahtali mountain and is a good excursion to change the perspective of a vacation in Turkey. A tour prepared by our travel agency will allow you to have a great time, experience new emotions, get a lot of pleasant impressions and, at the same time, see the country from a completely different perspective. You will enjoy stunning views of the surroundings, a fascinating guide and free time to spend at your own discretion. Everyone can take wonderful photos, shoot videos, sit in a cozy cafe or restaurant. We guarantee you a wonderful mood.

Olympos funicular from Belek

The beginning of the excursion to Mount Olympos from Belek - how to get to it on your own you can see on the map or check with the hotel administrator - this is a collection and a trip on a comfortable bus to Olympos Park, on the territory of which the mountain is located. Tourists will be taken to the funicular station at an altitude of 720 m above sea level, where they will transfer to the cabins and go upstairs. Already here, a stunningly beautiful natural picture opens up before the eyes of tourists.

Mount Tahtali high

Tahtali is the highest among the Taurus Mountains (2365 meters). In the recent past, it was impossible for an ordinary unprepared person to get to any of its peaks. Only professional climbers could get here. Today the situation is completely different - even a small child can see what is happening below with the help of an excursion to Mount Tahtali from Belek. Slopes up to 1701 m are completely covered with pine relict forests. In sunny clear weather, it is a breathtaking sight. In cloudy weather, you can't see anything. Everything above the indicated mark is rocks without vegetation. There are two peaks on the peak: Dazkir 2014 meters and TekeDag 2156 meters. Nature and mountain lovers will also like the Belek jeep safari tour.

Tahtali cable car

Despite the fact that the Tahtali cable car here has no analogues in the whole world, the length of the path is 4350 meters - the total duration of the ascent and descent, respectively, is only 10 minutes of time. The funicular is designed for eighty passengers. All booths have transparent walls, which opens up a 360-degree view. Already during the ascent as part of the tour, the Belek cable car Tahtali, reviews of which can be viewed on the Internet, you will see a top view of Finike, Side and Kemer, you can film it all on camera or take panoramic photographs.

After reaching the final goal, the group of Belek cable car tour will be given one and a half to two hours of time, which each of the participants will be able to use at their discretion. We recommend bringing warm clothes with you, as at this altitude the air temperature is much lower than below. You can walk and explore nature, visit the observation deck, and also sit with a cup of fragrant Turkish tea or coffee in one of the local restaurants. A hot tasty drink will help you warm up, relax and unwind. Then you will descend by funicular (10 minutes) and return by air-conditioned bus to the hotel. During this half day you will get a lot of positive and good impressions.

Olympos cable car how to get

Every person vacationing in Turkey can diversify their pastime, not limited to the beach and parties at discos and nightclubs. We offer many options, including the Olympos cable car tour from Belek. The trip is completely inexpensive and will appeal to everyone, even kids. You can book a mini-tour by phone or online without prepayment. How to get there and all the questions you have about the tour will be answered by the manager of our company.

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Belek Cable Car share


45£ person
Belek Cable Car gif

Includes Cable Car

Belek Cable Car price 2024

Adult 45£
Kids (7-12 ) 20£

Belek Cable Car programm

  • Gathering tourists from Belek hotels
  • Arrival in Olympos, Turkey's national natural park with spectacular scenic views of the mountains
  • Climbing Mount Tahtali on a cable car
  • Free time for photography on the top of mountain, walks, meals in small restaurants - 2 hours
  • Descent on a cable car 10 minut
  • Back to your place of residence.

Belek Cable Car details

Tour daysTuesday,Saturday
Tour hours 08:00 - 14:00
Includes both-way transfers, insurance, entrance to the park, cable car ticket, guide
Excludes lunch, soft drinks
Don't Forgets water, warm clothes, money for personal expenses

Olympos cable car how to get from Belek

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