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Hamam Bodrum is the first procedure that you need to perform while on vacation in Turkey. A perfect tan is guaranteed for every client Vip Turkish bath, best spa center and massage of the city.

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Hamam in Bodrum - Hamam is an integral part of Turkish culture. Even in the most remote village, there will definitely be two structures: a mosque and a Turkish bath.

Whats a Turkish bath

Turkish bath its Hamam. Hamam takes its origin from Roman baths. The literal translation of this term from Arabic is "warm steam". The decoration of bath complexes is always striking in its luxury. For decoration, expensive types of marble, luxurious mosaics are used here, it is also possible to be inlaid with precious stones.

Best spa in Bodrum

When visiting Best spa in Bodrum, many tourists notice the colorful colors and lighting in the rooms. This solution is not just a design feature, but a useful health improvement called chromotherapy. The optic nerve, perceiving different colors, transmits an impulse to the central nervous system, which, in turn, triggers the necessary chemical processes. Few people know that our body reacts differently to different colors. For example, red improves blood circulation, orange is responsible for muscle tissue, purple helps in the treatment of insomnia. Now you know why the multi-colored light in the Hamam is useful.

Bodrum Turkish Bath

Bodrum Turkish Bath: What is the main difference between a hammam and a regular bath or sauna, few people know, but in the first case, the Turkish bath is distinguished by a more gentle regime. There is a comfortable temperature from 35 to 55 degrees and 100% humidity. Due to the high humidity, for the manufacture of bath complexes, in no case can wooden materials be used, in order to avoid their rotting.

If for immigrants from the Europe countries the bathhouse was used mainly for washing, then for the Arab peoples the Hamam can be a place for business meetings. Turkish wives visit the baths twice a week and come here for a holiday, in beautiful outfits. They can spend the whole day here giving the latest news in between treatments.

Vip Turkish bath in Bodrum

The Vip Turkish bath in Bodrum Hamam is made in a traditional style. This is a common large steam room, which is adjoined by 5 rooms. This technique is called "open palm". The first room is used as a dressing room, the second is used for taking a shower, the third room is with hot loungers, the fourth is a treatment room and the final one is for tea drinking and conversations. Since the humidity in the Hamam is very high, condensation collects on the walls and ceiling and, in order to avoid drops on the head of the vacationers, all steam rooms are performed in the form of a dome.

Correctly performed procedures contribute to a perfectly even tan. You can get this during the Boat tour in Bodrum. But remember that right after the Hamam, your skin needs rest. It is not recommended to overload it with sunbathing on the first day after the procedures, as you can get burned.

Massage Bodrum

The sequence of massage in Bodrum procedures is very important, do not skip the stages, so as not to harm the body. First of all, the body needs to be warmed up. To do this, you can use the steam room. As the skin heats up, the pores open and your body is ready for exfoliation. Then, with a special Kese, the stratum corneum is cleaned. After that, a relaxing soap massage awaits the client, when the whole body is enveloped in a large soap bubble. Feelings during this procedure are difficult to convey in words. You are now ready for an aroma oil massage. Natural ingredients and an experienced massage therapist will help you relax and experience an unearthly pleasure. The final stage is no less important than the previous ones. A relaxation room will help you relax your mind.

Best hammam in Bodrum

No wonder they say that a trip to the Best hammam in Bodrum Turkey is not only a physical purification but also a spiritual one. You can order a Turkish bath tour in Bodrum and familiarize yourself with the program online on our website. Affordable prices and quality service are the keys to our success.

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17£ person
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Family Trip

Hamam in Bodrum price 2024

Adult 17£
Kids (7-12 ) 10£
Infants (0 -6) Free

Hamam in Bodrum programm

  • Transfer valued clients from their hotels by comfortable and air-conditioned buses to one of the best Turkish baths in Bodrum (Bodrum Hamam).
  • Arrival and the guests entry to the Hamam and then one of the hosts will show you the dressing room and will provide you with sandals, a colorful square cloth that is tied around the waist and many services are available.
  • The program starts as follows;
  • Entering the sauna room.
  • Entering the steam room.
  • Lying on a hot marble slab encourages the body to release toxins.
  • Peeling massage where dead skin will be removed from the body.
  • Foam massage to make the skin smooth after exfoliation.
  • Then enjoy a relaxing full body massage using the oil for 20 minutes.
  • You can take other additional options for an additional fee, such as a massage session with essential oil or bubbles, a sultan bath or a mud mask.
  • Concluding our tour and return our guests to the hotels.

Hamam in Bodrum details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:00 — 17:00
Includes Round trip transfer, insurance and Hamam package.
Excludes Additional services, personal expenses.
Don't Forgets Swimwear and personal supplies.

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