Horse riding Fethiye

Horse riding Fethiye through the picturesque surroundings of the city will add variety and intensity to a series of vacation days.

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Horse riding Fethiye: This sightseeing tour is available to almost everyone, regardless of riding skills and age. There are several programs and routes for tourists to choose from where you can ride horses.

General information about Fethiye horseback riding

Horses have walked side by side with people for a long time. They were faithful helpers in hard work, companions on the battlefield, and even a kind of vehicle. Today the urgent need for them has disappeared, but the man still continues to gravitate towards these beautiful animals.

Benefits of horse riding

Surprisingly, even simple communication and horseback riding has tremendous health benefits. This is an excellent physical activity, during which up to 90% of the muscles work at the same time, while there is no destructive load on the heart, coordination of movements improves, the vestibular apparatus is trained, and mood improves.

Horseback Riding in Fethiye can be a pleasant walk for two, and express hippotherapy course, and a great alternative to a gym.

In addition, we can book an inexpensive alternative in the form of an ATV safari in Fethiye.

Horseback sightseeing tour in Fethiye

In the morning, the horse ride will last about three hours. The road runs through a pine grove from Hisaronu to the abandoned village of Kayakoy. This settlement was founded in the 18th century by the Greek community and was called Lebessos. After the end of the Turkish War of Independence in 1923, local residents were forced to leave their homes and return to their historical homeland. And in 1957, another strong earthquake finally destroyed the buildings, making Kayakoy a real ghost village, by the way, now this area is considered a historical open-air museum. You will have enough free time to wander along with the ruins, enjoy the mountain air and beautiful nature.

Horse safari on the blue lagoon beach

Day and evening walk take place in the most beautiful area of ​​the resort - Oludeniz, and there really is something to see. Along the forest path of the coniferous forest, you will walk at a leisurely pace to the Blue Lagoon. This beautiful beach is surrounded by powerful mountain ranges, emerald forests, and the Mediterranean Sea, which washes its shores, has an unearthly turquoise color of the water. In the rays of the setting sun, this landscape becomes simply fantastic.

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25 person
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Trained Horses

Horse riding Fethiye price 2024

Adult 25 £

Horse riding Fethiye programm

  • Transfer from the hotel to the Fethiye equestrian club
  • Acquaintance with the trainer, introductory safety briefing
  • Issuance of equipment
  • The main part of the route
  • Travel to the abandoned village of Kayakor. The beginning is at 8:30
  • Walkthrough the coniferous forest to the Blue Lagoon of the village of Oludeniz. The beginning is at 15:30
  • Walkthrough the coniferous forest. We meet at the sunset at the Blue Lagoon. The beginning is from 18:00
  • Return to the equestrian club
  • Transfer back to the hotel

Horse riding Fethiye details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 08:30 - 18:00
Includes Transfer, insurance, instructor services, protective equipment.
Excludes Personal expenses
Don't Forgets Comfortable clothes, drinking water, sun protection

horseback ride in the picturesque valley

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