Istanbul Cable Car

The Istanbul Cable Car, situated on Pierre Loti Hill in the Eyüp district, offers visitors a unique and budget-friendly opportunity to enjoy breathtaking panoramas of Istanbul. With convenient access via the Istanbul funicular, it's an unforgettable experience that lets you soar above the Bosphorus and appreciate the city's rich history and stunning views. Don't miss the tour chance to explore this iconic Istanbul viewpoint and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

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Istanbul Cable Car price 2024

Adult 50£
Kids (4-10 ) 40£
Infants (0 -3) Free

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Istanbul Cable Car more information

Istanbul Cable Car: Soaring Above the Bosphorus: When it comes to exploring Istanbul's rich tapestry of experiences, the Istanbul Cable Car is a unique adventure that takes you on a breathtaking journey through the city's picturesque landscapes. Whether you're a tourist looking for an unforgettable Istanbul cable car tour or a local seeking a fresh perspective, this mode of transportation offers a spectacular way to view the city's iconic sights.

Discovering Istanbul Cable Car's Location

The Istanbul Cable Car is located on the historic Pierre Loti Hill, which has been a popular destination for both locals and tourists for centuries. Situated in Eyüp, on the European side of Istanbul, the cable car provides easy access to Pierre Loti Hill's remarkable viewpoint.

Planning Your Visit

Before embarking on your Istanbul cable car adventure, it's essential to know the Istanbul cable car opening hours and the ticket price. The cable car operates during the daytime, typically from early morning to evening, allowing you to witness stunning Istanbul panoramas under different lighting conditions. The ticket price is budget-friendly, making it accessible for all travelers.

Navigating to Pierre Loti Hill

Reaching Pierre Loti Hill and the Istanbul Cable Car is relatively straightforward. You can access it via various modes of transportation, including the Istanbul funicular, which connects the Eyüp district to the city's central areas. This convenient transport system ensures that you can seamlessly integrate your visit to Pierre Loti Hill into your broader Istanbul itinerary.

An Unforgettable Panorama

Once you board the cable car and begin your ascent, you'll be treated to a stunning Istanbul panorama. As you soar above the Bosphorus, the city's beauty unfolds before your eyes, offering a unique perspective that you can't find elsewhere. From the cable car, you can capture breathtaking views of the city's skyline, historic landmarks, and the meandering waters of the Bosphorus, all in one sweeping glance.

Memorable Istanbul Viewpoint

Pierre Loti Hill has long been celebrated as an Istanbul viewpoint. Named after the famous French writer and naval officer Pierre Loti, who was enchanted by the city during his visits, the hill offers a serene spot to admire the city's enchanting vistas. The Istanbul Cable Car experience elevates this viewpoint to new heights, allowing you to appreciate the city's beauty in a way that resonates with history and modernity.

In conclusion, an Istanbul Cable Car ride to Pierre Loti Hill promises an unforgettable journey through time and space. With its convenient location, budget-friendly ticket prices, and awe-inspiring panoramas, it's an experience that should be on the top of your list when exploring Istanbul. So, make sure to include this iconic cable car ride in your travel plans and create lasting memories in the heart of this captivating city.

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50£ person
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Istanbul Cable Car programm

  • Collection of tourists from hotels for Istanbul Panorama Tour
  • The beginning of the excursion program
  • Miniaturk - a city in miniature with all the iconic places
  • Riding the cable car
  • Pierre Loti's panoramic restaurant
  • Stop in the center of Istanbul, Beyoglu district
  • Visit to the 70-meter Galata Tower
  • Istanbul Tunel is one of the oldest metro stations in the world
  • Visit to Taksim Square - a favorite shopping destination
  • Sail on a yacht along the Bosphorus
  • The end of the excursion at the panoramic platform of the camlıca hill

Istanbul Cable Car details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 08:30 – 18:00
Includes Transfer in both directions on comfortable buses, entrance tickets according to the program, insurance, English-speaking guide, lunch
Excludes Drinks, personal expenses
Don't Forgets Sunglasses, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, water, money for personal expenses

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