The best Turkish bath in the town

Istanbul Hamam

Istanbul Hamam is an amazing opportunity to experience all the delights of the traditional way of bathing, get a charge of positive emotions and relax after visiting a huge metropolis for the whole family.

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Istanbul Hamam Explanations

Hamam in Istanbul is complete profitable relaxation and an unforgettable holiday in the national Turkish bath. A unique chance to feel like a descendant of a great empire, and experience all the delights of a healing national font.

Turkish hamam in Istanbul: the history of its origin

Turkish hamam in Istanbul, a Hamam is a special type of primordially Turkish fonts, in which all the inhabitants of the country have bathed since the seventh century. While Europe was literally drowning in mud and a lack of even drinking water, a whole system of water pipes and public baths had already been built here, where you could not only take a bath and wash off the dirt but also get an amazing boost of vivacity for the whole day. According to legends, the Hamam perfectly heals the soul and body, helps in the fight against stress and nervous tension, and perfectly restores, regulates the cycle of sleep and wakefulness.

A stay in the majestic city cannot be considered complete without a visit to one of the many steam rooms. An interesting fact about this location is that since it is considered a clean place, you cannot gossip, swear.

To this day, there is a special structure in these places. Jamegah is a special place for dressing and rest, you can immediately have a snack, soukluk is a drying room, a kind of "dressing room", and finally saja fang is a huge room for washing. As a rule, for women with children and for men, there are two different saga fangs.

Hürrem Sultan Hamam

Perhaps the most famous hammam in the entire city is Hürrem Sultan Hamam, distinguished by its royal setting.

Suleymaniye Hamam

You can also see Hamam Suleymaniye, the cost of which will be slightly less than the first.

Chemberlitash Hamam

An equally excellent, but already more inexpensive option is Chemberlitash hamam, where you will need to pay a small amount for the entrance.

After a complex of all procedures, it will be appropriate to go on a Bosphorus Boat tour in Istanbul.

Best hamam in in Istanbul Program:

Customers are picked up directly from the hotel on a comfortable bus and quickly taken directly to the Best hamam in in Istanbul, where friendly staff will be waiting for our guests. English-speaking staff will give a short sightseeing tour of the complex, show you different types of rooms and explain the purpose of each of them. Then each will be given a set of towels and sent to the first location, namely the steam room. This is a special place, which is the starting point of the journey because it is here that the skin is prepared for further procedures. It is necessary to steam it properly and open all the pores in order to get a truly deep cleansing and relaxation of all muscles. In addition to these relaxing properties, the room has a wonderful appearance, because the whole complex is made in traditional Ottoman motives.

Next, a wonderful foam massage will begin, during which, within half an hour, all dead and unnecessary cells will leave the body of our tourists. After this procedure, the skin is incredibly smooth and soft, because massage professionals know their job. Another type of massage that travelers will receive after ordering will be a relaxing oil massage. It is done for twenty minutes, during which emphasis will be placed on the deep relaxation of muscles and joints.

At the end of the massage, everyone will be offered a cleansing mask for the face, which will contain only natural ingredients - clay, honey, decoctions of fragrant herbs.

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40 person

Istanbul Hamam Programm

  • Transfer from the hotel

  • Dressing up in bathing accessories

  • Visiting rooms and starting procedures

  • Different types of massages, and procedures for face and body

  • Completion of the service and dressing process

  • Transfer back to the hotel

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours 09:00 – 19:00

Includes VIP Transfer, tickets, insurance, a couple of towels, Turkish tea.

Excludes Food, Alcohol drinks, Extra services.

Don't Forgets Bathing accessories, towels, money.

Istanbul Hamam price for excursion 2022

Adult 40
Children (7-12 ) 20
Infants (0 -6) Free

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