Walk through the most iconic sites of majestic Istanbul

Istanbul Panorama

Panoramic Istanbul, viewpoints - this is an opportunity to get acquainted with the city in one day, take a boat trip along the Bosphorus, see the confluence of the European and Asian parts of the city.

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Istanbul Panorama Explanations

Panoramic Istanbul is a huge metropolis where many cultures intersect at once. So beautiful and great, once the capital of three empires, and today it is the largest city of the Turkish Republic, and more specifically, it is the soul of the current state. It has preserved traces of several religions and cultures at once, which still amaze tourists. Minister tours offers to take a look at panoramic Istanbul together and see with your own eyes the most beautiful and historical places of Istanbul.

Panoramic Istanbul: what awaits you

Sightseeing tour of Istanbul will begin with a visit to “Miniaturk” is a large park complex with an area of 60 kV. Meters. It shows the city in miniature.

  • realistic railway
  • airport with all infrastructure
  • seaport with diverse yachts, ships and boats
  • the main architectural objects of different countries of the world and the famous buildings of the country.

Everything is so realistic: walking paths, planted grass, entire blocks - it will help you get to know Istanbul in a few hours.

Istanbul Cable Car

Moving on, one of the two famous cable cars. Riding a funicular with a length of 384 meters in a modern transparent cabin will take only 4-5 minutes. Arriving at the top, tourists will have free time to contemplate the picturesque landscapes from above.

Istanbul Panoramic Restaurant

Next, Pierre Loti Historical Panoramic Restaurant is definitely included in the list of top places to see in Istanbul. Honorary French officer and writer, author of a line of famous colonial novels. Thanks to the amazing views of the Golden Horn Bay from the terrace of the restaurant, the publicist was able to write an amazing series of novels about life in exotic countries. A cup of real Turkish coffee or fresh tea can bring inspiration and ideas to anyone who happens to be there.

Continuing the route will lead you straight to the heart of the city - to the European district of Beyoglu. At the beginning of the founding of this area, foreign citizens settled here.

Galata tower interesting facts

A walk around Istanbul cannot pass without the Galata Tower. The construction of this historical landmark comes from the 14th century. Up the tower reaches 70 meters, from where you can see the city at a glance. At the top is a restaurant where you can have a bite to eat. This place is known thanks to the tourist-inventor Ahmet Chelebi, he jumped from the tower and flew over the Bosphorus on a makeshift flying machine.

The tour program includes the Istanbul Tunel. Having reached the most ancient metro line, you can find out why the shortest line between the two stations was created 150 years ago. A French engineer worked on Tunnel after his visit to the city. He designed the 573 meter long line to facilitate the daily weighty ascent.

Taksim Square

Historic Taksim Square is the next stop. The place where the modern district of the city begins. This is an alley of shops, cafes and restaurants, comparable to the Trafalgar Square in London, where you can buy cheap clothes, textiles, souvenirs, sweets and more.

Then, a boat trip along the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Let's move to the Asian part of the city, sailing along the Bosphorus Strait. Being at the crossroads of two continents, you can make a wish that will definitely come true. Swimming through the Maiden's Tower, you can take a number of beautiful photographs.

Istanbul Viewpoints

Such a rich program ends on the observation deck of the Çamlıca Hill. From there, an overview of all the most important places of panoramic Istanbul opens, namely the Bosphorus, mosques, palaces and even the European side. Reviews about this place can be read on our website. Fans of outbound tours are highly recommended to book a Excursion to the princes Islands.

Interesting facts about Istanbul:

Fact 1 - a city located simultaneously on two continents - in Europe and Asia.

Fact 2- there is the largest bazaar in the world. It comprises almost 45,000 shops.

Fact 3- there is the deepest underwater railway tunnel in the world under the Bosphorus Strait.

You can book excursions in Istanbul profitably on the Minister Tours website. A pleasant price and a high level of service will pleasantly surprise you!

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Istanbul Panorama Programm

  • Collection of tourists from hotels for Istanbul Panorama Tour

  • The beginning of the excursion program

  • Miniaturk - a city in miniature with all the iconic places

  • Riding the cable car

  • Pierre Loti's panoramic restaurant

  • Stop in the center of Istanbul, Beyoglu district

  • Visit to the 70-meter Galata Tower

  • Istanbul Tunel is one of the oldest metro stations in the world

  • Visit to Taksim Square - a favorite shopping destination

  • Sail on a yacht along the Bosphorus

  • The end of the excursion at the panoramic platform of the camlıca hill

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours 08:30 – 18:00

Includes Transfer in both directions on comfortable buses, entrance tickets according to the program, insurance, English-speaking guide, lunch

Excludes Drinks, personal expenses

Don't Forgets Sunglasses, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, water, money for personal expenses

Istanbul Panorama price for excursion 2023

Adult 50 £
Children (4-10 ) 40 £
Infants (0 -3) Free

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