Ancient Istanbul on two continents

Two Continents Tour in Istanbul

Excursion on two continents in Istanbul, the Magnificent Century is an opportunity to visit the greatest cathedral in the Christian world, the most significant mosque in Turkey in one day, take a boat trip along the Bosphorus.

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Two Continents Tour in Istanbul Explanations

An excursion on two continents in Istanbul absorbed all the significant sights of Constantinople. The tour program will introduce tourists to old Istanbul, its history, traditions and culture. You can book a tour in advance on our website. No prepayment is required for this.

Every day we conduct group excursions on various routes, you just have to choose the one you need and go to get acquainted with the most mysterious city of Turkey, and maybe the whole of Eurasia.

Excursion on two continents in Istanbul: what we will see

Let's start our journey with Hagia Sophia. This is a symbol of the heyday of the Byzantine Empire, which in history is called "golden". For more than 10 centuries, the cathedral had no equal in the Christian world, until the even more majestic St. Peter's Cathedral appeared in Rome. In the 15th century, the temple was captured by the Ottomans and converted into a mosque. In the first half of the 20th century, Hagia Sophia became a museum. And only in 2020, by presidential decree, the cathedral again became a mosque. This caused a lot of controversy in the Christian world, which continues to this day.

The interior and exterior decoration of the church can only be envied. The creation of a masterpiece took a three-year budget of the Byzantine Empire. There are legends that Emperor Justinian wanted to cover the cathedral entirely with pure gold, but was afraid that such wealth would be destroyed for profit and the glory of his deeds would be lost.

Our next stop on our two-continent tour in Istanbul will be the Blue Mosque. It was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I at his own expense. Usually the construction of mosques was sponsored from the wealth obtained during the wars, but the ruler Ahmed did not win any significant wars. At the time of construction, he was 19 years old. Sultanahmet has 6 minarets. The same number of minarets at the main mosque of the entire Islamic world in Mecca. In this regard, the Sultan decided to complete the construction of the seventh minaret in Mecca from his own money, so that it would again become the greatest. The Blue Mosque is so named due to the use of more than 20,000 blue and white handmade ceramic plates in the construction. Sultanahmet is the first in importance not only in Istanbul, but throughout Turkey.

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Istanbul Magnificent Century Tour

After the release of the series, the tour of the Magnificent Century in Istanbul became very popular. Topkapi Palace attracted special attention from tourists after the release of the TV series Magnificent Century. The highlight of Turkey is the Topkapi Palace. The residence of the sultans and the main palace of the Ottoman Empire until the 19th century. Today it is one of the largest museums in the world. 65,000 exhibits are on display for the public to see, and this is only 10 of all the wealth of the Ottoman rulers.

The palace where the cloak and sword of the prophet Mohammed are kept

Topkapi Palace - Translated from Turkish, Topkapi means cannon gate, such an interesting name is due to an interesting fact. Each departure of the ruler outside the palace was accompanied by a cannon shot. The museum houses the main Muslim shrines - the sword and cloak of the Prophet Muhammad.

Istanbul two continents

Further, the excursion on two continents in Istanbul will continue on a yacht. Sea cruise along the Golden Horn Bay, boat trip along the Bosporus, acquaintance with the city from the sea. It is during the sea cruise that we will see another symbol of Constantinople - the Maiden's Tower. Many legends are connected with its origins, which can be heard from our guide. Interesting to know: one of Aivazovsky's canvases depicts the Leandra Tower - this is the second name of the tower.

Visit the Hippodrome - the largest square in the city. It consists of two parts: the area between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia and the Hippodrome itself, which has been preserved since Byzantine times. Particular attention should be paid to the Egyptian obelisk and the German fountain. The obelisk was brought by Emperor Theodosius I from Luxor. This is the oldest building in Istanbul dating back to the 16th century BC. The weight of the obelisk is about 300 tons, it is made of white and pink granite.

Camlica Hill

The final point of our program will be Camlica Hill. This is the highest point in the Asian part of the city, where there is a cozy park with restaurants, cafes and panoramic platforms. From here, a simply bewitching view of the Sea of Marmara, the Princes' Islands, the Bosphorus and other objects opens. This place is a mandatory item in the guidebook for every tourist.

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60 person

Two Continents Tour in Istanbul Programm

  • Transfer to Two Continents Tour in Istanbul

  • First location - Hagia Sophia

  • Visit to the Blue Mosque - the most significant in Istanbul

  • Walk along the Hippodrome square - the greatest square of Constantinople

  • Tour to the residence of the sultans - Topkapi Palace

  • Inspection of the hammam Hurrem Sultan

  • Boat trip along the Bosphorus

  • Maiden braid

  • The ancient fortress of Rumeli Hisar, which in ancient times served as the guardian of the Bosphorus

  • The end of the trip on the amlıca hill - the highest point of the city

Tour daysWednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Tour hours 08:00 – 17:00

Includes Transfer in both directions, entrance tickets to the Attractions, insurance, English guide, lunch

Excludes Drinks, personal expenses

Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hats, sun glasses, money, water

Two Continents Tour in Istanbul price for excursion 2022

Adult 60
Children (4-10 ) 55
Infants (0 -3) Free

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