A leisurely stroll along the majestic Bosphorus at night.

Istanbul dinner cruise

Istanbul dinner cruise on bosphorus is a romantic boat trip along the coast of the night metropolis. Gourmet Turkish cuisine, entertainment shows and any local drinks without restrictions.

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Istanbul dinner cruise Explanations

Istanbul dinner cruise on Bosphorus - Great Constantinople is a city that has been the capital of four empires. It simultaneously divides and connects the two continents, Europe and Asia. The very heart and soul of this place is undoubtedly the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul without the Bosphorus is like France without the Eiffel Tower. Dinner and night cruise on the Bosphorus in Istanbul can be booked on our website. It is 30 km long and 0.7 to 6 km wide. Thanks to the strait, the two seas Black and Marmara are intertwined at once, so merchant ships and passenger liners often pass there. Looking at the map, you can see that the Bosphorus Strait is precisely located between Europe and the peninsula of Asia Minor.

Tourists go there and everyone has one common goal - to sail along the bay, for this they choose a tour called dinner and a cruise along the Bosphorus at night in Istanbul. Thanks to this offer, being on a snow-white ship that departs at sunset, you will be surprised by the incredible bright colors of the colorful metropolis. It is at this time that the bright playing sunset light will highlight the superiority of the oldest architecture of the two magnificent empires.

Best dinner cruise Istanbul

Best dinner cruise in Istanbul on bosphorus Slowly moving right under the bridge, you will be enchanted by the flickering flashes of the Maiden Tower, which is located on a tiny island, right in the middle of the strait. Magnificent buildings: the Dolmabahce Palace and Sultan Beylerbeyi, the large fortress of Rumeli and the Mecidiye mosque - everything will sparkle with new colors, thanks to the included night illumination. Turn your gaze to Topkapi - this is a real city within a city. In Ottoman times, he acted as the main palace of the ruler's family. Also beautiful in the evening is the Blue Mosque. Our English -speaking guide will tell mysterious stories about these historical buildings in every detail.

Daily scheduled ferries in Istanbul can take our customers to the thermal springs of Yalova, located just 80 km from the port. The transfer price is included in the tour price.

Sunset dinner cruise

According to the tour Sunset dinner cruise program, you will find a fiery Turkish night on the Bosphorus, organized by professional artists and musicians. Bright costumes, a Katibin show in the folk genre, a scene of a real wedding tradition, when the bride is wrapped in her palms with henna and gold coins for good luck on the pre-wedding evening, but where without belly dancing - this is a must at any traditional concert. It will not do without gypsies, who will demonstrate their traditional numbers. Then a puppet show in costumes, the traditional dance of the Dervishes. In fact, this is a whole ritual. Not every vacationer knows that the spinning movements of the dervishes help them enter a trance. They partially constrict the carotid artery, bringing themselves to oxygen starvation of the brain. This brings them closer to the divine essence. The final part of the program is a disco, you will hear the best mixes from our DJ.

An evening walk along the Bosphorus with dinner includes the following dishes. The first dish that you will taste on the yacht will be a compliment from the captain, you will be served a cocktail immediately upon arrival on board. All the long way at your disposal all kinds of drinks without any restrictions. The onboard menu offers an assortment of Turkish and European dishes to choose from. Alcoholic drinks from a local producer in the public domain without restrictions. After a delicious meal, desserts are served in the form of oriental sweets and fruits. If a tourist goes with us on his birthday, then you can order a cake with candles or cakes.

The Excursion to the aquarium in Istanbul is especially popular with our travelers. Such an unusual type of recreation will be remembered for a lifetime. Our friendly staff will serve you at the highest level. For any question or request, you can contact the helpful staff, because the employees know several languages ​​at once, including English. A yacht trip is a small journey, in which the Bosphorus is Hope and Vera, and Istanbul is a shining beacon.

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42 person

Istanbul dinner cruise Programm

  • Transfer from hotels to Dinner and night cruise on bosphorus

  • Travel to the Golden Horn

  • Beginning of the evening sail at sunset

  • All-inclusive dinner of delicious Turkish national dishes

  • Viewing an entertainment show program

  • Transfer back to hotels

Tour daysMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Tour hours 17:00 – 19:00

Includes Comfortable transfer from and to the hotel, all kinds of drinks, cold snacks, show program, accompaniment of the best English-speaking guide, dinner

Excludes Personal expenses

Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes, money for personal expenses

Istanbul dinner cruise price for excursion 2022

Adult 42
Children (4-12 ) 34
Infants (0 -3) Free

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