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Istanbul to Pamukkale tour

Istanbul to Pamukkale tour for 1 day is an acquaintance with one of the most beautiful sights of the Republic of Turkey, which has no analogs in the world.

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Istanbul to Pamukkale tour Explanations

Istanbul to Pamukkale tour for 1 day - Natural, cultural, and national heritage, which occupies an honorable place in the UNESCO World Heritage List and, moreover, received the unofficial status of the eighth wonder of the world. Every self-respecting traveler is simply obliged to visit the Cotton Castle at least once in his life. On our website, you can order a tour at the best price.

Interesting facts of the Pamukkale tour from Istanbul:

This unique area is shrouded in beautiful stories, one of which is about the titans who dried cotton in the old days and forgot to pick it up, and this is how this mountain appeared. From a distance, it really seems that it is all dotted with fluffy, white bolls, although many also have associations with an iceberg or a snow-capped peak.

The reality is harsher. Several thousand years ago, due to abundant earthquakes, a break occurred in the tectonic plate and 17 thermal springs, enriched with calcium and other minerals, emerged from the depths of the earth. Evaporating, the water formed a fragile rock - travertine, or calcareous tuff - it is with it that the entire surface of the hill is covered. Layer by layer, and now there are openwork growths, icicles, terraces, and natural baths, on the snow-white color of which the azure water effectively contrasts. Such an extraordinary landscape is attractive not only for tourists but also for filmmakers. So, in 1997, Andrei Konchalovsky's film "Odyssey" was filmed here, and in 2012 "Ghost Rider 2" in the title role, which was played by Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage.

If you do not like noisy companies and prefer to relax on your own, then you can also choose a excursion to Ephesus from Istanbul.

Nevertheless, the White Castle became famous not only for its terraces. First of all, it is an open-air archaeological, historical and geographical museum. If you look at the map, its total area is more than 1 hectare and includes the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis and the ancient Cleopatra pool.

Legend has it that the Egyptian queen was very fond of coming here, taking rejuvenating water procedures, and it was for her that this font was built. However, this is only speculation, because if we turn to the history of Pamukkale, we learn that the first buildings appeared here in the 2nd century BC, about 1000 years later than the eastern beauty lived.

Can everyone swim in it? If you want, why not schedule this event in the Pamukkale Private Excursion program from Istanbul. The water has a constant temperature of +35 degrees, it contains micro and macro elements that have a positive effect on the skin, musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, and digestive organs. Perhaps, from once there will be no visible result, but you will be able to relax and take a break from the kilometers traveled.

The holy city of Hierapolis was founded in 190 BC. Pergamon king Eumenes II, several centuries later passed into the possession of the Romans, they then appreciated the healing properties of the springs, making a balneological resort here. Hierapolis was repeatedly destroyed by natural cataclysms. The amphitheater for 24 people, the agora, the necropolis, the Temple of Apollo, the walls of buildings, and the baths have been well preserved to this day.

The website of the Minister Tours agency presents a large selection of excursions from Istanbul with English guides, which can be pre-booked without prepayment, by paying the full cost on the day of the trip.

Istanbul Pamukkale distance

The distance from the historical capital of Turkey Istanbul to the snow-white mountain Pamukkale is approximately 358 kilometers in a straight line and 577 kilometers on a highway. But spending more than 8 hours on the road is not the most enviable prospect. An private excursion to Pamukkale from Istanbul is possible with an air flight, just an hour and we are already at Denizli airport - from it to the Cotton Castle it is the closest to go

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150 person
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Istanbul to Pamukkale tour Programm

  • Transfer from the hotel to Pamukkale by selected vehicle,

  • The guide's story about the cultural heritage of the Turkish Republic,

  • Free time to visit the travertine terraces, the ruins of Hierapolis, the largest amphitheater in Asia Minor,

  • Swimming in Cleopatra's pool at will,

  • Lunch from national dishes,

  • Transfer back to Hotels

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours 08:00 — 21:00

Includes Transfer, insurance, English-speaking guide, lunch, entrance ticket to the terraces and Hierapolis.

Excludes Drinks, personal expenses, entrance ticket to Cleopatra's pool.

Don't Forgets Drinking water, sun protection, money for personal expenses, a small backpack or shoe bag, a camera.

Istanbul to Pamukkale tour price for excursion 2023

Adult 150 £
Children (7-12 ) 150 £

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