Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir

Experience the wonders of ancient Turkey with Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir Turkey. See the rich history of Priene, Miletos, and Didim, all conveniently accessible from Izmir. Marvel at the ruins of the ancient city of Miletus, including the temple of Apollo. Choose this tour for a journey through time, guided by expert historians. Witness breathtaking archaeological sites and immerse yourself in the captivating stories of civilizations past. Book now and embark on an unforgettable adventure through Priene, Miletos, and Didim from Izmir.

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Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir is another relatively new and inexpensive tour for lovers of ancient world history who come to rest in Turkey. The fact is that many tourists from all over the world come to this country rich in culture not only for a high-quality beach holiday, but also for visiting many interesting sights, many of which are hidden in ancient cities. This tour is a wonderful and profitable chance to fully understand the depth of the life of ancient civilizations.

Why you should choose Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir:

Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir What other country besides Turkey is capable of storing so many interesting iconic places that belong to a centuries-old history from ancient times to the Great Ottoman Empire? It is Turkey that is able to combine high-quality and low-cost holidays in the style of "all inclusive" and excellent educational historical trips.

You can easily get to know the ancient cities quickly and qualitatively as part of the Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir, accompanied by the best English speaking guide in the region, who will make the process of obtaining new information as clear and practical as possible. Majestic columns, the oldest buildings and well-preserved infrastructure await guests! Fans of ancient cities should also definitely visit the ancient city of Aphrodisias.

What you can see during Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir:

Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir is more successful and interesting than ever, because by booking it, customers will leave the hotels early in the morning, and in two and a half hours they will be able to get out on the main street of Didim, because the distance to it from Izmir is only 150 kilometers. In the company of a fun, knowledgeable guide and comfortable air-conditioned seats, this time will pass completely unnoticed, especially considering the fact that along the way there will be a stop at the beautiful Lake Bafa, where you can eat outdoors.

In Didim, tourists will visit the stunning Temple of Apollo and many other infrastructure elements that will help you feel the spirit of antiquity. This majestic building was erected in the 4th century BC specifically in honor of the Greek God, and previously it was considered one of the most gigantic in all of Ionia. Another mystical secret of the temple was the presence of oracles in it, which, according to legends, could predict the future.

Then the group will make a twenty-minute drive to Miletus, during which they will travel only 18 kilometers, where they will have a hearty lunch of the best Turkish dishes with aromatic coffee, as well as a rich walk through the ancient streets. The city is located on the highest mountain in the vicinity, and it was famous for being a well-known cultural center, where a lot of philosophers, artists, speakers and other artists came.

The last destination will be the ancient city of Priene, which has rightfully been a model of urban planning for many centuries. Here was the most famous sanctuary of Demeter, as well as the stunning temple of Athena, gymnasiums, theaters and the agora with the sanctuary of Zeus.

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80 person
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Includes Entrance tickets, Lunch & Dinner

Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir price 2024

Adult 80 £

Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir programm

  • Priene Miletus Didim Tour from Izmir begin with a comfortable transfer of clients right from the door of the hotel in the early morning.
  • Two-hour transfer to the city of Didim, accompanied by interesting stories from a English speaking guide.
  • Delicious breakfast from lunchboxes right on Bafa Lake surrounded by pristine nature.
  • Moving to Didim and visiting the temple of Apollo, free time to get to know him and take a photo session.
  • Transfer to the ancient city of Miletus and a walk along its ancient streets.
  • A hearty lunch in the Miletus restaurant from the best Turkish dishes.
  • Transfer to the ancient city of Priene and a walk through its most iconic locations.
  • Return transfer to the hotel in Izmir.

Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 08:00 — 20:00
Includes Convenient and fast transfers from the hotel, insurance and entrance tickets are included in the price, inexpensive price, English guide and lunch.
Excludes Personal expenses and drinks.
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and clothes, sun protection, hat.

Priene Miletos Didim Tour from Izmir

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