Excursion to Troy from Izmir

Excursion to Troy from Izmir is an incredible return to the past, which will help adults and children immerse themselves in the history of a majestic place that literally the whole world knows.

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Excursion to Troy from Izmir is an amazing imagination in the once huge fortress city, which for many years defended itself from the misfortunes of enemy tribes with its indestructible walls. This location appears in many films, series and books, and is a rather significant element of pop culture, so now every guest of the city of Izmir has a unique opportunity to see with his own eyes a huge layer of cultural heritage of those times. This rich and cost-effective tour is a chance to acquire invaluable historical knowledge, reinforced visually.

What we will see in the Excursion to Troy from Izmir

Excursion to Troy from Izmir will start early in the morning, when the most comfortable transfer will pick up our clients right from the hotel door and take them to a magnificent place - Troy. The distance between the city of Izmir and Troy is quite significant and is only 330 kilometers. That is why the tour involves driving along the picturesque Turkish highways for approximately five hours. This time will fly by unnoticed, because in the company of an experienced English speaking guide and his most interesting stories, no one will get bored. Moreover, after about four hours of driving, travelers will meet the magnificent Canakkale with the best views on their way.

This is a beautiful port city, which is washed by the Agean sea. It can book an amazing tour with a yacht charter in Izmir. Here, customers will have about an hour of free time to take a break from a long journey and stretch their legs walking through historical locations. It is highly recommended to visit the military museum and look at the Trojan horse that stands right on the Canakkale embankment. It was with the help of this attribute that the legendary film by Wolfgang Petersen called "Troy" was filmed in 2004. The history of this amazing element of culture is surprising - the Greeks specially presented this wonderful creation to the Trojans, while their main goal was to use it to get into the city, hiding inside, thereby deceiving the townspeople.

The legendary Excursion to Troy from Izmir

Excursion to Troy from Izmir An incredibly mystical and truly magical city, which is known all over the world, is still full of strange legends and interesting stories that the guide will tell you as part of the program. First of all, the clients of our company will go to the luxurious Aynali Bazaar, where you can fully enjoy the local flavor, bargain and talk with merchants, buy sweets, souvenirs and furs. Baklava and Turkish delight are considered especially tasty here, which are definitely worth a try. On the waterfront, exactly where the Trojan Horse stands, there are several excellent cafes where you can try the local dessert, Canakkale, which is a favorite among tourists, and the most delicious cheese halka in Turkey.

The next legendary location will be directly ancient Troy, which is part of the UNESCO heritage. It is here that you can walk among the ruins of an ancient civilization and plunge into its life, which was described in the famous Iliad many centuries ago. Such elements of infrastructure as a theater, residential buildings and even the main gate have been miraculously preserved here.

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Excursion to Troy from Izmir programm

  • Excursion to Troy from Izmir includes departure directly from the door of the hotel on comfortable buses and a five-hour drive to your destination.
  • Moving to the stunning city of Canakkale, where many historical and cultural attractions have been preserved to this day.
  • An hour of free time for a walk around the city, during which you can go to the military museum or walk along the embankment and see the Trojan horse.
  • Visit a rich walking tour of the ancient city of Troy, accompanied by a guide.
  • Transfer back to Hotels

Excursion to Troy from Izmir details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 07:00 – 20:00
Includes Transfer from Hotel, insurance, stories from the guide, insurance and lunch
Excludes Personal expenses, drinks
Don't Forgets Comfortable clothes, sun protection, comfortable shoes

Excursion to Troy from Izmir

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