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Hamam in Kemer

Hamam in Kemer is a ritual during which you will improve your well-being, mood and feel complete peace. Each procedure is performed in stages, by real specialists, and the means of care are used only natural.

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Hamam in Kemer Explanations

Hamam in Kemer is a real experience of complete relaxation, during which you will rest not only physically, but also mentally. We invite you to visit this oasis of harmony and peace and start your vacation with the self-knowledge of yourself away from the daily stress. Hamam in Kemer at an affordable price will allow your body and mind to relax and reach a state of bliss.

Among the Spa-procedures — bathing rituals that came to us from ancient times everyone will find something for themselves. Our employees working in the Turkish bath in Kemer strive to constantly improve, so each visit will be different from the previous hospitality and results even after the first visit. The benefit of these Spa treatments is that in the process of their implementation relax the mind, muscles, improves circulation, accelerates metabolism, exfoliated keratinized skin, moisturized, and increased its tone.

Upon arrival in the Turkish Bath of Kemer, be sure to remember that it is necessary to behave properly and respect the traditions in this temple of purity. For example, it is not superfluous to know that when you come there, you will find yourself in the company of other people, according to religious rules in the eastern countries it is forbidden to see the body of another person without clothes, so wash there wrapped in dense long sheets. Also, very often there are separate halls for women and men. Another important point that raises the question of our tourists — why in Hamma need a sink (Kurna) and how to properly use it. This is a sink, from where water is typed with a special bowl called Tashi, for abuse, which is also the main attribute of the Turkish bath.

You are taken to the locker room, where you will dress in a special red towel-pedestrian, which you will be given and put on special wooden sandals. They take with them: swimsuits, personal towels, shower gel, slippers. Then, entering The Hamam Kemer, you will take a warm shower and visit the steam room (about 20 minutes) to steam the skin and prepare it for further treatments. After that, you will find a cleansing procedure — Turkish peeling, which will help to deeply cleanse the skin of keratinized particles. This procedure is performed with the help of a special mitt — kese washcloth, which has three types of rigidity and is made of cotton. The product applied to your skin is made from Turkish coffee.

The next stage will be foam massage. A special bag of cotton is used to pick up foam made from whipped olive oil, and after a stream of warm water, it is washed off the body.

For the best continuation of the day after a good Hamam, we advise you to go for a sea trip Rent a yacht in Kemer, where you can enjoy the whole four hours of solitude with nature in the waters of the open Mediterranean, enough to swim and sunbathe, because Your body will be prepared for a perfectly smooth tan.

The most favorite spa procedure is of course an oil massage performed by a professional masseur. With the right press on the right points, you will certainly be able to relax! At the end of this bliss, guests are escorted to a restroom and treated to delicious fragrant drinks while their body cools down and returns to stable body temperature. Tourists will be very happy, because we take only the best Hamams in Turkey, in support of what was said on the site you can find reviews and photos of satisfied tourists.

If you decide that you want to treat your face, then at the end of the care of the body, guests can offer additional procedures in Hamam Kemer (Turkish bath). How much the tour will cost can be found on our website.

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12 person

Hamam in Kemer Programm

  • Collecting tourists from the hotel by car

  • Arrival in the hammam

  • the first stage of the hammam — warming up the body in the sauna, the time of arrival in the steam room is not limited

  • the next stage — menthol steam room, helps to clean the upper respiratory tract, time is also unlimited

  • removal of the keratinized top layer of skin with a special glove Kese

  • foam massage with special soap bags of soap made on the basis of olive oil massage with natural organic aromamasmas

  • mud mask on the face

  • Rest in a relaxation room over a cup of tea or Turkish coffee

  • Return transfer to hotels in a comfortable car

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 10:00 - 18:00

Includes transfer in both directions, insurance, procedures according to the program, tea or coffee, towel, slippers

Excludes alcohol, personal expenses, additional medical procedures at will

Don't Forgets water on the road, swimsuits or swimming trunks

Hamam in Kemer price for excursion 2022

Adult 12
Children (7-12 ) 8
Infants (0 -6) Free

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