Flying in the sky like a bird

Paragliding in Kemer

Paragliding in Kemer is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature from a bird's-eye view. Feelings and emotions will overwhelm you.

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Paragliding in Kemer Explanations

Paragliding in Kemer - Feel completely free and soar in the sky like a bird while flying a paraglider in Turkey. In order to make the flight, the group with the instructor will climb the mountain from where the picturesque nature of Kemer opens. If you are one of those people who like to try something new and are not afraid to overcome their fears, then Paragliding in Kemer is exactly what it takes to get bright and unique emotions. Only a strong-spirited person will decide to challenge himself.

Skydiving has already moved aside, and the hang glider in Kemer is only gaining popularity. Absolutely new and active type of rest, not like any other. All the time in flight you will be under the control of an instructor, so you can just relax and enjoy what you saw in Beauty.

First, tourists will hold the necessary briefing, tell everything in detail, and then give the equipment. It is you who decide from what height (1000 or 2300 meters) to fly with a paraglider. Just one step and the man is already hovering in the air, reminding the bird that only learned to fly. For an additional fee, you can buy a video that will charge and tremble again and again while watching in the evening, with family and friends. The duration in the air is about 30 minutes, it all depends on the chosen height and weather conditions, but believe me, even if the flight lasted 5 minutes - you would not forget it ever!

It is best to go in advance on this tour, not on the extreme day of departure, so that if the weather fails, you have a few days left to choose a convenient date. If you consider extreme tours, you can also enjoy Diving in Kemer. Diving to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, you can meet the most unique fish and marine animals.

Such a kind of flight by parachute will give a great mood, and picturesque views of the mountains, the sea in the Region of Adrasan will remain in memory for a long time. According to the preliminary agreement with the manager, you can make the jump from Mount Tahtala, from the highest point of Kemer. We advise you to study the reviews of those tourists who have already made flights from different places and heights to have an idea of what to prepare for.

The price will remain the average, but believe the money that you will spend, will not be able to compare with those emotions that will be tested. It is possible to book a tour on our website, in advance, online, without prepayment, or through our managers who are always ready to help. Feedback from our customers can be found in the Vkontakte group.

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The main advantage of choosing our company is quality. We realize that by paying money, customers want to get in the first place: a well-designed route, quality information from a qualified specialist, and an experienced driver of the transfer manager. You'll find all this with us. Plan your trip today, book excursions in one click.

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140 person

Paragliding in Kemer Programm

  • transfer of guests from hotels on the coast

  • Arrival at the launch site of the tour - a panoramic platform where you can take great pictures

  • Detailed briefing and familiarization with equipment

  • Final preparation for the jump, check all safety systems

  • jump and flight of about 30 minutes with landing on the picturesque beach of Adrasan

  • return to hotels on a comfortable transfer

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 08:00 — 14:00

Includes transfer in both directions, special insurance, equipment, equipment, instructor

Excludes drinks, photos and video shooting, according to the conditions of the insurance company to take photos and videotape on personal equipment is strictly prohibited

Don't Forgets water into the road, shoes that don't subside, light jackets. Maximum male weight up to 110 kg. Women's weight up to 90 kg., height up to two meters, age from 6 years.

Paragliding in Kemer price for excursion 2022

Passenger 15
Adult 140

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