Side to land of legends

Side to land of legends excursion for the whole day, during which both children and adults will receive a lot of positive emotions. The opportunity to visit various attractions that are included in the price, swim in the pool, boat ride, surf, theme park, visit the roller coaster. Buy a ticket to the dolphin show and swim with them. Relatively low entrance ticket price in Turkey on the website of Minister Tours

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Side to land of legends price 2024

Adult 70£
Kids (4-11 ) 65£
Infants (0 -3) Free

Make reservation, pay in the tour

Side to land of legends more information

Side to land of legends water and theme park tour that will be of interest to visitors of all ages. And parents with kids, and young people, and older people will find a fascinating pastime. The amazing world of The Land of Legends, the price of entry will please you, will allow you to get into the atmosphere of celebration and fun. Even if you get bored with outdoor activities, you can always lie on comfortable sun loungers, sunbathe and watch other visitors. Also, you can dine in a restaurant, sit in a cozy cafe. The price of a ticket to the largest water park in Side does not include the cost of drinks and food, so you will need to pay for them separately.

Where is The land of legends?

Amusement Park "Land of Legends" was opened in 2016, in July near Belek. Its total area occupies 63 hectares of land. In addition, there is a special children's five-star hotel on the territory. Getting here, you are transferred to a completely new world, fantastic and magical. You have the opportunity to attend a theatrical performance and become a direct participant in it, get a lot of pleasure from staying on your favorite slides (there are 72 of them, and there are 43 rides on the water), enjoy an underwater safari and surfing, have a bite to eat in one of the bars or cafes, get relaxation during spa treatments, watch an interesting movie in a 5D cinema or go shopping on the boulevard, where branded stores of famous brands operate.

Side water park excursion

Approximately at 8-30 am everyone will be picked up by comfortable buses from the hotel and delivered to the water park near Side (Turkey), reviews of which you can view in advance. Beforehand, the employees of our agency will distribute entrance tickets to everyone and at 10-30 you will get inside. You will have plenty of time to travel around this fabulous country - until five o'clock in the evening. At the end of the tour, you will return to the hotel.

Land of legends slides

The Land of Legends Theme Park water park tour from Side includes many different slides such as:

  • Abyss or abyss during the descent on the water slide, you will periodically slide inside the pipe.
  • Challenge slide where all family members will ride on the same boat. Inexpressible impressions await them, a sudden start from a height and a lot of impressions.
  • Magic one is an impressive structure in the form of a tunnel, in which it is possible to turn around on the boat, pushing off the wall.
  • Rafting rapid - a rapid descent into the pool, reminiscent of rafting on a turbulent river.
  • Rokings Waters - or swaying waters. Have you had the opportunity to stand on a surfboard underwater?
  • Sea Voyage is a slide-surprise, the name of which in translation means Sea Voyage. You have the opportunity to choose one of the four proposed routes.
  • Space Rocket - A cabin in the shape of a rocket awaits you, in which you will go down this water attraction.
  • Star Ship - Star Ship will give unforgettable bright emotions.
  • Tunnel Deep Dive - a tunnel in which you will make an unexpected downward turn, which can be compared to a jump from a great height.
  • Turbulence - for sure, everyone who flew an airplane understands what turbulence is. The inability to control the situation awaits you here as well.
  • Tower Falls - a fast flow of water will rise up and down, causing unusual sensations.
  • Wave shok pool - shock wave pool.
  • Wave ball pool - waves rising from the bottom.
  • Lazy Float - the opportunity to swim on an artificial river on a special boat.

Slides Wind Stream, Float Rider, Deep Dive and others will become no less interesting.

The main features of The Land of Legends (check the site for a description of the park, where it is located and other detailed information) include several main points.

Excursion to The Land of Legends Theme Park Water Park from Side is an opportunity to observe the underwater world with your own eyes, going down. To date, there is no such entertainment offer anywhere else. The inhabitants of the sea are housed in an equipped pool with sea water. The convenience of the location, variety, design and the atmosphere itself attract a huge number of tourists.

The land of legends theme park

The whole territory is divided into thematic zones. Each visitor can choose what suits him best and go to this particular part of the amazing and unique city. Surfers will be able to conquer waves reaching a height of two meters, passive vacationers will enjoy a man-made volcano, and those who are not indifferent to dolphins will be able not only to observe their grace and skill, but also to communicate with these smartest mammals, to swim accompanied by instructors.

This water complex is not the only park butattractions near Side, there is also Troy and other interesting places that are also worth a visit.

Land of legends entrance tickets

Side to land of legends water park: when going to Turkey, we recommend that you pre-book seats for a sightseeing tour and buy a ticket, as it is much more economical. Using the offer of our company, you will not need to make an advance payment and worry about how to get to your destination. You can find out more detailed information from manager by calling him by phone. Also, you can order a trip online or write in a messenger.

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Side to land of legends share


70£ person
Side to land of legends gif tvborder

Biggest waterpark in Turkey

Side to land of legends programm

  • Side to land of legends water and theme park : EVENING TOUR to The Land of Legends amusement park is also available, which is held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. The cost of an adult ticket is 20£, children 6-11 years old - 15£.
  • Transfer on comfortable buses to Belek, where the grandiose park Land of Legends  
  • Arrival and collection of entrance tickets to the largest water park in Turkey  
  • Opportunity to visit over 40 attractions and 70 slides
  • Availability of pools specially equipped for surfing
  • Land of legends boat ride
  • Pirate themed children's pools
  • Roller coaster (higher than here, none in the country)
  • Submarine Safari
  • Free admission to the dolphin show
  • Entrance to Disneyland parks (price included)
  • Return to hotel

Side to land of legends details

Tour daysTuesday,Thursday,Saturday
Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00
Includes insurance, two-way transfers, entrance tickets, guide services
Excludes lunch and soft drinks, swimming in the pool with dolphins
Don't Forgets towel, swimsuits

land of legends boat ride price

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