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Buggy safari in Side

Buggy safari in Side, You can visit the most unusual of mountain areas, get to know some of the natural resources. You'll have Fun and Adrenalin Packed Rides. and you will drive some different kinds of cars in the Untouched nature of Turkey.

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Buggy safari in Side Explanations

Buggy safari in Side

Buggy safari in Side is a Thrill trip in Turkey and you have opted for a - Holiday which can get to know it internally, allowing you to choose your own drive at the same time. Spending time traveling will bring about positive emotions and new perceptions. These vehicles are four-wheeled, light cars it's a motorcycle with a car engine, designed to travel off-road. In appearance, it resembles an open car, the characteristics of the similarity with the bikes that came to replace them.

The reasons why many tourists choose this Trip instead of traveling on the same route on A.T.V's are several:

  • A higher level of safety due to the presence of a frame and belts;
  • There is a luggage compartment, which makes the transport roomier;
  • easier to manage.

During the Buggy safari in Side, you will be able to see many amazing places hidden from the eyes of passive holidaymakers, get acquainted with the local vegetation and landscapes, make unique photos for memory.

Information and Details of the program:

  •  participants of the program are brought in a comfortable minibus with air conditioning from the hotel to the Destination.
  • Tourists receive the necessary briefing. Information about driving rules and the program as a whole is provided by English-speaking guides. After a brief training, you will have the opportunity to take a test drive, allowing you to apply the information during self-driving with these cars.
  • Then you will discover an unforgettable ride by a Buggy safari in Side Turkey, on the off-road Taurus Mountains, difficult trails, which are difficult to wade on another mode of transport.
  • Throughout the Journey, there will be short stops during which you can take a break, admire the pristine natural landscapes, take photos and videos.
  • In the middle of the path, you will see an amazing mountain lake in beauty. If desired, you can swim in its clear cool waters, recover yourself after a long enough Trip.
  • In total, the ride on the track lasts about two hours. Several short stops for rest are made along the way. Walking off-road as part of a tour is to length 20 km.
  • After completing the Excursion, all tourists will transfer back to hotels.

You Want to Know more about all the features of Turkey, enjoy the color of its panoramic views, landscape, then all of the things that you need are in Buggy safari in Side. Once on the tops of the mountains, you can see whole plantations of olive, citrus (oranges, tangerines) trees, majestic cedars. From the top, you will admire the city below, the forest, and the gorge. A portion of adrenaline will get each participant at the moment of increasing speed, climbing the mountain route.

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Why is it better to book with our company?

If you want to get information about this trip, act as a racer, visit the amazing, unique places of this region for a reasonable price, then contact us. Buggy safari in Side is held twice a day — in the morning and afternoon hours. At the time of booking, be sure to check for a convenient option. No prepayment is required. Call or email the company manager, and he will provide you with all the information you need. You don't have to worry about getting to the base and back to the hotel. We've already taken care of everything ourselves. We guarantee that this exciting trip will remain in your memory for years to come.

The outbreak of coronavirus will provide you with all the health and safety you can, and you can only focus on having fun.

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35 person

Buggy safari in Side Programm

  • Transfer from the hotel with a comfortable minibus to the base

  • 20-minute briefing, vehicle driving training

  • Test drive in the conditions of the training track, the instructor's help in training in the management of modern buggy machines 

  • Start on the route with picturesque places of mountain nature of the Turkish Riviera

  • The first part of the tour (1 hour) - a trip through the forest and spectacular passes, mountain ousterrain terrain

  • Stop for rest on the banks of the mountain river (20 minutes)

  • The second part (1 hour) - off-road driving in the forest area of the Taurus Mountains with short stops for rest and photos or video shootings

  • Return to base 

  • Transfer back to Hotels

Tour daysEvery day (Morning and afternoon)

Tour hours 08:30 - 13:30 .... 13:40 - 18:40

Includes Free transfer from hotel, insurance, rental of necessary equipment, English guide.

Excludes all kinds of drinks, professional video/photo shooting

Don't Forgets Sunscreen, glasses, headscarf to protect the face from dust, comfortable shoes, clothes, money for personal expenses.

Buggy safari in Side price for excursion 2022

Passenger 10
Adult 35

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