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A tour to Trabzon is a chance to immerse yourself in a magical world of comfort and panoramic views thanks to the Besikduzu cable car. These modern vehicles will allow you to easily get to the top of Beshikdagi, enjoying the stunning views of the Black Sea region. The fare for the funicular in Trabzon is quite affordable, and you can easily find information about prices and schedules on the official website Minister Tours. If you are wondering how to get to the funicular, don't worry - the lift and transport routes are well organized. Teleferik in Trabzon has become the hallmark of the region, winning the hearts of tourists with its capabilities and painting.

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In Beshikduzu, Trabzon, there is the longest cable car in the Black Sea region, with a length of 3600 meters, which in summer becomes the center of attention for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The project of the longest cable car on the Black Sea, with a length of 3600 meters, in the Beshikduzu region of Trabzon, connects the coast of Beshikduzu with the peak of Beshikdagi, 550 meters high. This cable car with two cabins for 55 people per hour transports 300 people, and the travel time is 10 minutes. The cable car has become a popular destination for tourists from the Gulf countries, and those who use this road are impressed by the unique view that opens before them.

Opening hours of the cable car in Beshikduzu:

Due to limited passenger capacity in winter, the road opens at 10:30 am, starting passenger transportation at 11:00 am after the completion of the necessary checks and tests. The work of the cable car ends at 17:00 (daily).

Trabzon Funicular: Comfort and Panoramic Views

Funicular in Trabzon is a modern vehicle that provides an amazing opportunity to visit the top of Beshikdaga in comfort and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Black Sea region. How to get to the cable car in Trabzon is a question that is easily solved thanks to organized routes and the availability of transport.

Trabzon Ropeway: An Unforgettable Journey

The Trabzon cable car, especially known as the Beshikduzu cable car, offers a unique opportunity to climb to the heights and enjoy the stunning scenery. The cost of the funicular in Trabzon is pleasantly surprising, making this trip affordable for a wide audience of tourists.

Trabzon cable car tickets

Information about the funicular and cable car in Trabzon can be easily found on the official website of Minister Tours. Here you can find out about timetables, ticket prices and routes, which will allow you to plan your trip in the most convenient way. The ski lift in Trabzon is the perfect way to enrich your travel experience.

Turkish Vacation: Cable car in Trabzon

Turkey, and especially Trabzon, is famous for its beauty and cultural attractions. The Trabzon cable car has become an integral part of the tourist experience, providing a bird's eye view of this beautiful region. Trabzon teleferik is a unique chance to make your holiday unforgettable.

In conclusion, the Trabzon cable car provides the perfect combination of comfort and amazing views, making your trip to this region unforgettable. Combine your Beshikduzu cable car tour with a visit to other Trabzon attractions and your vacation will become truly impressive and eventful.

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Trabzon cable car share


25 person
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Includes Cable Car

Trabzon cable car price 2024

Adult 25 £
Kids (6-12 ) 12 £
Infants (0 -5) Free

Trabzon cable car programm

  • The cable car in Trabzon starts with the departure of tourists from the hotel
  • The start of the tour to the most famous sights of Trabzon
  • Free time for walking and visiting the Beshikduzu funicular - 1.5 hours
  • A tour to the Beshikdagi panoramic platform
  • Romantic sunset on top of a mountain overlooking the Black Sea
  • Return to hotel

Trabzon cable car details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:30 — 17:00
Includes transfer from the hotel and back, insurance for tour participants, local guides, cable car ticket
Excludes personal expenses
Don't Forgets comfortable clothes and shoes, water for the journey

Teleferik in Trabzon

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