Fishing in Trabzon

Fishing in Trabzon is a great tour to indulge in your favorite hobby while on holiday in Turkey. Large selection of fish on the Black Sea coast, several types of fishing: from the shore or pier, beach spinning, deep sea and sea fishing. The correct selection of the time to go to sea, suitable gear, the search for prey with the help of an echo sounder is the key to successful sea hunting.

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Fishing in Trabzon has a number of its own features that are inherent in the Black Sea. About 200 species of fish are found here, including mullet, red mullet, goby, flounder, horse mackerel.

Sea fishing is fundamentally different from river fishing, because living creatures are not limited by space, the water is much cleaner and there are a lot of extraneous noises from ships, yachts, longboats and other things. Also, the struggle for survival is more severe, as a result of which their behavior and methods of catching are different.

Freshwater and sea fishing in Turkey

One of the best ways to catch prey is to fish from the shore. It is more suitable for beginners in this business. Be sure to take into account the waves that will constantly nail the float to the shore, so you need to throw it as far as possible. If tourists are not strong in casting, you can go fishing from the pier - this option is simpler.

If customers are not afraid of seasickness, then you can use the boat. Our company will provide various yachts, whether it is a group tour or an individual one. The captain has a modern echo sounder, spinning rods, fishing rods, donks.

The most difficult way is fishing from the rocks, but its indisputable advantage is that the fish do not expect danger in such places and the catch can be rich. If tourists prefer historical locations, then we recommend booking excursion to Sumela Monastery from Trabzon.

Fishing in Trabzon from a boat or from the shore

Our main task is to find schools of fish. There are various methods for this:

  • watch the longboats of local fishermen, they certainly know the bait spots,
  • gulls are “litmus test”, because from a bird's eye view they can better see the accumulation of living creatures during the hunt,
  • tracking bursts of jumping fish,

The presence of an echo sounder on the vessel will greatly simplify the detection of prey, so our captain will carefully prepare this attribute in advance. Many people prefer fishing from the pier or freshwater fishing, so it is better to turn to professionals to find out exactly what kind of fishing in Trabzon will be the most successful.

When is the best fishing in the Black Sea

The most suitable months for fishing are from May to November, so you should take this into account when choosing a vacation time. But there are exceptions: ruff and sea bass are caught all year round. Also be sure to pay attention to the weather. When the temperature outside exceeds 35 degrees, going out to sea is not the best option, as all underwater inhabitants swim away from the coast, where the water is much cooler.

Our company recommends choosing an early morning or late evening tour. Employees of the logistics company will pick up customers from the hotel and bring them to the port. From here we go to the open sea, where our sea hunting will take place. All the necessary equipment is on board, for beginners there will be a brief educational program.

Spinning fishing - trip schedule

The duration of the tour is from 4 to 6 hours. During this time, there will be a change of locations, if it does not peck. After a successful catch, vacationers will have a delicious lunch prepared from freshly caught prey. At the end of the program, the captain will take all participants to the port, from where a comfortable transfer will take everyone to their hotels.

Fishing in Trabzon is also available for big fish. To do this, prepare the appropriate equipment and carefully look for a place for a successful hunt. The cost of such a tour is higher, but the effect will not leave indifferent even the most inveterate skeptics.

Fishing in Trabzon,Black Sea fishing in Trabzon

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50 person
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Fishing in Trabzon price 2024

Adult 50 £
Kids (7-12 ) 25 £

Fishing in Trabzon programm

  • Fishing in Trabzon starts with choosing the right option for each client
  • Comfortable transfer will take tourists to the ship
  • Short briefing and going to the open sea
  • Searching for fish schools with echo sounder
  • Possible change of location in case of bad bite
  • Delicious grilled lunch
  • Swimming stop at the request of vacationers
  • Return to Trabzon harbor
  • Return to the place of residence

Fishing in Trabzon details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 06:00 - 22:00
Includes transfer, insurance, guide, fishing rod and tackle rental, lunch
Excludes drinks, additional expenses (optional)
Don't Forgets comfortable clothes and shoes, swimwear, towel, sunscreen and glasses, hat

Black Sea fishing in Trabzon

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