Karagol Lake from Trabzon

Karagol Lake from Trabzon

Karagol Lake from Trabzon is a rich trip to the mountain height to the beautiful crater lake, where the most beautiful locations are located

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Karagol Lake from Trabzon Explanations

Karagol Lake from Trabzon is one of the most amazing places in the entire Trabzon region, which is not yet too accessible for mass tourism. That is why this location is considered the pearl of the Black Sea coast, because in our time it has retained its former appearance due to the small number of tourists who know about it. Each of our clients should visit these places at least once in order to feel the amazing culture of Turkey forever.

Karagol Lake from Trabzon the beauty of high mountain lakes

Karagol Lake from Trabzon is perhaps one of the most magnificent and impressive lakes in the whole country. It is located at a great height, namely on the famous Mount Anamas. In general, its height is a record 2625 meters, and local landscapes with an abundance of greenery and snow-capped peaks are truly amazing. Steep cliffs, incredible flora and fauna - this is just a small part of what awaits a tourist who is lucky enough to book a trip to these places.

The lake itself is a crater, and is located right next to Mount Anamas, which in turn is located near the equally beautiful Lake Beysehir. This attraction is so beautiful that it attracts not only local residents, but also visiting tourists from neighboring regions.

The lake occupies a vast territory of about 15 thousand square kilometers. It is also interesting that throughout the year in this area you can see real snow on the mountains. Local landscapes are really very much reminiscent of European mountains. From the bottom of the lake you can see unique forest areas, dense and noisy. Fans of such a holiday are also recommended to book a Zigana-Hamsiköy tour and a Karaca tour in Trabzon.

Flora and fauna of the area Karagol Lake from Trabzon

Karagol Lake from Trabzon itself was formed due to a massive landslide that occurred at a great height of 1400 meters. The very trees that were uprooted at that time remained on the slopes and soon began to decay, forming a special kind of soil.

The beautiful region is filled with amazing flora, of which bears, many birds of prey and even wild lynxes can be especially distinguished. The Black Sea region is also rich in various types of fish, but lake trout is especially abundant here. The territory of the location is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and inexpensive holiday - there are camping equipment, tents, many comfortable gazebos and much more. Here you can make a rich lake tour by boat in the company of a English-speaking guide.

The popularity of mountain holidays on the lake is currently growing steadily, because beach holidays are already beginning to become boring for the mass tourist. That is why profitable trips to the Karagol Lake from Trabzon will leave a lasting impression for a lifetime. Judging by the reviews, these places are incredibly beautiful and picturesque, so you are guaranteed very high-quality and impressive photos.

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