Turkish bath Hamam in Trabzon

Hamam in Trabzon

Hamam in Trabzon is a great opportunity to experience all the delights of a traditional Turkish bath at a completely inexpensive price, while getting the long-awaited relaxation along the way.

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Hamam in Trabzon Explanations

Hamam in Trabzon: general information about the Turkish bath

Hamam in Trabzon in particular is a completely unique set of events that has taken root in the everyday life of every inhabitant of the country since ancient times. This is a special type of primordially Turkish bath, the popularity of which has remained unchanged for ten centuries. Hamam is also visited by a huge number of both local residents and visiting tourists.

Hamam in Trabzon is not only a bathing event, but also a real cultural phenomenon, because it is in such baths that the Turks prefer to spend time with friends, as well as relax in body and soul. Since the time of the Great Ottoman Empire, city dwellers have been visiting the hammam to exchange news and learn relevant information from the life of the city and the country as a whole. It is also surprising that the bathhouse was considered a clean place, and it was forbidden to slander, gossip and, in general, show disrespect to each other. For some time, pregnant women were also not allowed to visit the baths.

As part of a profitable and inexpensive Hamam in Trabzon, our clients will have the opportunity to personally touch such an important and iconic part of Turkish culture. Performing ablutions and procedures, you can drink delicious and fragrant tea with traditional Turkish sweets.

According to numerous positive reviews about this type of leisure, the Turkish bath is able to relieve stress, normalize the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, fight insomnia and even mild forms of depression. The positive effect of local massages and wellness treatments is extremely difficult to overestimate.

Booking Hamam in Trabzon for yourself and your family is an essential part of a Turkish holiday. Moreover, the price for such a tour will turn out to be quite small, because as a rule a visit to the bathhouse starts from €5. And the beautiful interior and decoration of the rooms will create a special atmosphere. After such a relaxing tour, it is recommended to book an active journey Cal Cave Tour from Trabzon.

What is included in Turkish Bath Hamam in Trabzon

The device of the hamam deserves a separate word, because this special institution has its own special structure. That is why the first thing when a tourist is in a bathhouse will begin his acquaintance with jamegaha. This is a separate room for changing clothes and preparing for the adoption of water procedures. There are comfortable lockers and benches for a comfortable stay, and it is also here that you can drink tea with sweets and fruits.

The next room in the structure of the bath is the soukluk - this is a special room for drying after the bath, where tourists usually relax after taking the procedures, and it is in the understanding of the traveler that it will be called directly a hammam.

Most often, sajaklik is a huge hall designed exclusively for bathing and ablution, in which there are many different locations for massages and other procedures. The whole room is made in the traditional style of the country, giving a special mood.

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Includes Free transfer, tickets, insurance, a couple of towels, tea

Excludes Food, other drinks, personal expenses

Don't Forgets Swimwear, towels, money

Hamam in Trabzon price for excursion 2022

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