Turkish Maldives

The Turkish Maldives is a favorite place for fans of a relaxing island holiday away from noisy tourist groups. Suluada Island can offer guests a visit to clean sandy beaches with clear blue water, as well as travel to two famous bays - Aquarium and Grotto, where you can do Adrasan boat trip and snorkel.

Turkish Maldives – this is the conditional name of one amazing picturesque place near mainland Turkey, which is an island untouched by mass tourism. However, in recent years, Suluada has begun to rapidly gain popularity, which is why you should definitely visit this distant piece of paradise.

Adrasan Maldives island

Suluada – This is a stunningly beautiful Mediterranean island, which is famous for its white sandy beaches and the clearest azure water. Its exotic name, translated into English, means "water island", since the local waters are fed by rather impressive fresh currents. In the most ancient times, the island was called "Krambusa", and was completely uninhabited. Why is the island of Suluada so called?

Turkish Maldives where is it located?

The Adrasan Maldives is located not too far from mainland Turkey, which is why groups of tourists are so eager to visit this place. It brings an atmosphere of solitude and peace, and moving to it will be quite quick and comfortable – a little less than an hour. So, Suluada is located in the west of the Gulf of Antalya and 10 kilometers from the famous port of Adrasan, which is in the Kumluca region. Cape Gelidonia can be seen 7 kilometers from the island.

Turkish Maldives boat tour

Suluada boasts a fairly compact and small size – only 1.3 kilometers long and 350 meters wide. Its volcanic origin determines the unusual color of the local land – bright orange. Boarding a boat as part of a trip called Turkish Maldives boat tour in Antalya takes place in the port of Adrasan, where there are many beautiful yachts against the backdrop of a picturesque sea bay.

Suluada Aquarium bay

In addition to the magnificent beaches for a measured island vacation, guests will have the opportunity to dip in two bays near the island – grotto bay and Aquarium. These places are extremely attractive for divers due to the absence of winds and excellent conditions for diving.

Suluada coordinates: 36.235000, 30.475000.

Maldive island Adrasan boat trips

Maldive Island Adrasan boat trips offer an unparalleled journey through the Turkish Maldives in Antalya. Set sail on crystal-clear waters, where each wave whispers tales of adventure and serenity. Discover the enchanting beauty of Adrasan as you navigate its azure depths, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. With Turkish Maldives Antalya, start on a voyage of tour, chek in nature's wonders. Let the gentle sway of the boat carry you to hidden coves and secluded beaches, where every moment promises unparalleled tranquility. Experience the allure of Adrasan from a new perspective, where the horizon meets endless possibilities. Unveil the treasures of this coastal paradise and create memories to last a lifetime.

Kemer to Suluada

Kemer to Suluada: Escape to Suluada, the paradise island near Kemer, Turkey! Experience an enchanting boat trip from Kemer to Suluada and explore its pristine beaches. Join a Suluada tour, bask in the beauty of Sulu Ada Beach, and indulge in a yacht tour for an unforgettable adventure. Discover Akseki Bay and other mini island hopping in Turkey, creating cherished memories that will stay with you forever. Let Suluada Kemer be your dream destination for a blissful getaway in the heart of nature's wonders. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Turkish Maldives!

Suluada from Belek

Suluada from Belek is an excursion to Adrasan bay in Kemer. This tour is an incredible opportunity to travel for an inexpensive amount to one of the most picturesque places near Antalya. During a trip to the island of Turkish Maldives, an exciting boat trip and lunch are included in the price.

Suluada Island from Antalya

Suluada Island from Antalya is Turkish Maldives boat trip in Kemer Adrasan an incredibly rich tour for the whole family, during which adults and kids will get to know a deserted beautiful hopping island

Suluada island Turkish Maldives from Side

Suluada island Turkish Maldives from Side, boat trip in Antalya Adrasan this is one of the most interesting tours to the very heart of the untouched island, where everyone can relax on the white sandy beach and swim in the azure water, which is so much like the Maldives. Each guest will have a chance to meet a unique species of rare huge Caretta-Caretta turtles and hear the charming legend of the local Love Bay, which will be perfectly visible right from the board of a modern yacht during a boat tour in Turkey.

Suluada island Turkish Maldives from Alanya

Suluada island from Alanya is a boat trip with an excursion to Adrasan bay, which is called the Turkish Maldives. Local guides will tell you where the island of hopping in Turkey is located, how to get there, as well as an unforgettable yacht tour in the Mediterranean near Antalya.

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Adrasan Maldives island

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