Rafting on a wild river and a 100m zipline will make your program so fun.

Konakli Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour

Konakli Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour is a unique tour for those who are indifferent to extreme sports and who are bored of passive pastime and sightseeing. Tourists get 3 types of activities simultaneously in Koprulu Valley. Kayaking on a mountain river, kayaking, and gliding await you. From hiking to descending a metal canal and rafting in a mountain river, you'll feel a surge of energy and an adrenaline rush. At the end of the trip, delicious meals will be served to the participants in the restaurant. A pleasant adventure will be remembered for a long time for its originality and positivity.

Tours in Konakli

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Konakli Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour Programm

  • Transfer our guests from the Konakli hotel

  • Entrance to the base in the region of manavgat

  • Detailed instructions from English language guides

  • Export protective equipment (hats, vests)

  • Distribute team for the activity

  • Start surfing in the river

  • The first part of the boat on the river koprulu Canyon

  • Stop for swimming in the beautiful river mountains

  • Jumping to the water of the bridge, riding a bungee (optional)

  • The second part of the program in the koprulu Canyon

  • Hiking and Climbing on koprulu Canyon

  • Travel to the ancient ruins of the ancient city and the ancient bridge

  • Stop for a lunch in a restaurant with a view of the beautiful koprulu Canyon.

  • Flight with 100 m long zipper line.

  • Return to the base

  • transfer back to the hotels

Tour daysEveryday

Tour hours 08:00 — 19:00

Includes transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides throughout the entire route, detailed instructions, rental of rafts and protective equipment, zip line flight.

Excludes Drinks, professional photos, and videos (optional)

Don't Forgets Bring your comfortable rubber shoes, which do not annoy your feet, we recommend sunglasses, towels, t-shirts, portable clothes, sunscreens. Do not worry about electrical equipment (cameras, telephones), you can take them with them and place them in waterproof containers in the boat.

Konakli Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour price for excursion 2022

Adult 35
Children (7-12 ) 15
Infants (0 -6) Free
fast reservations en