Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya

Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya is an opportunity to visit an amazing dance show performance performed by the famous dance group in Aspendos arena, to see a stunning, colorful production.

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Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya price 2024

Adult 50£
Kids (4-11 ) 25£
Infants (0 -3) Free

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Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya more information

Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya - Turkey is a wonderful, unusual country, attracting tourists with color, culture, history, and beautiful resorts. There is always something to see, and this will help you with tours organized by our travel agency. One of them is the Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya, the price which is quite low. The famous dance group, the most numerous in the world, was on tour with its concert program in 85 countries, where it gained a lot of fans. Today in his arsenal double entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The first record for the fastest performance - more than 240 pas in one minute. The second is the largest number of spectators in the hall, namely 400,000 people.

Shows in Antalya

You can go to the Shows in Antalya Fire of Anatolia, the Arena Aspendos, and independently, having previously learned the schedule, what time the performance begins, having studied the poster, where is (you will need to buy tickets in advance). But organized travel will be much more profitable in terms of money and time costs. If you want to be happy and enjoy dancing we will offer you a Night party boat in Antalya.

Upon arrival at the venue of the bright performance, you will be seated in places in the most convenient sector of the theater. All present will be able to see the work of a stunning ensemble organized in 1999, which after two years of careful preparation began to give concerts not only in their country but also in other states. The main line-up consists of more than a hundred very strong dancers. The troupe's performances were held at serious events, attended by heads of state. You will have an amazing opportunity to see the Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya, reviews, descriptions, videos with fragments, which can be found on various resources on the Internet.

It is almost impossible to convey the atmosphere prevailing on the stage in words. Performers perfectly combined several dance directions: modern and folk choreography, classical ballet dances. The solo numbers are immediately replaced by mass ones, which makes the production extraordinarily bright and colorful. If you add to these stunning costumes and realistic scenery, the overall picture completely captures the attention of the viewer, does not let go until the end of the performance.

Fire of Anatolia dance show

The Fire of Anatolia dance show in Antalya is an opportunity to see one of two versions of the production: Troy, where the full plot of Homer's play is revealed, and Evolution. The second dance performance (Evolution) reveals in detail the culture not only of Turkey but also of such states as Azerbaijan and Georgia. Throughout the evening you will be able to learn many interesting details, get acquainted with the past events, learn more about the history of the unique country and just enjoy the contemplation of what is happening.

Show and event tickets in Antalya

To go to the Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya will be able to all vacationers who want to diversify the holiday and enjoy the creativity of the famous dance group. We offer a comfortable bus ride with air conditioning and a low price. You can book the tour by phone or online. No prepayment is required - payment in full is made on the fact. If you have questions, contact the manager and provide an exhaustive consultation.

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50£ person
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Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya programm

  • Transfer tourists from hotels on comfortable buses
  • Arrival at the venue (the show takes place at the Aspendos Arena), seating in places
  • Start the show
  • Fifteen-minute break — you can walk around the amphitheater, take photos
  • The second part of the speech
  • Return to hotels on comfortable buses

Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya details

Tour daysTuesday,Friday
Tour hours 18:00 — 24:00
Includes insurance, round-the-way transfer, English-speaking guide, theatre tickets for the show
Excludes All kinds of drinks
Don't Forgets water for drinking, insect repellent, money, light jackets

The famous and bright show, popular all over the world

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