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Antalya zipline, trekking and rafting excursion three in one in Turkey is a great tour for those. tourists who want to get the most out of one trip and save valuable vacation tim

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Antalya zipline, trekking and rafting tour this is a unique profitable trip for fans of active and even a little extreme rest, during which each participant in the action will receive the most sincere and "live" emotions. Place of action of leisure in the tour – picturesque places of the famous Köprülü National Park. It is widely famous all over the world for its beauty and pristine nature.

Zipline in Turkey

Our company offers an excellent option for inexpensive entertainment for the whole day for tourists who are tired of the monotonous beach holiday. In the most interesting travel program, each client will immediately get acquainted with three extremely popular activities in Turkey – rafting, canyoning and zipline. About each of them in order.

Rafting in Antalya

Rafting – this is a dynamic rafting down the river with the passage of various obstacles. This alloy is made on special inflatable boats – rafts, which usually have about four to six places for a fun group. Rafting routes usually have different levels of difficulty and very specific natural objects. In our case, the rafting takes place in the most picturesque place in the region on the Kopruchay River. It is here that nature boasts magnificent landscapes of pine, cedar, pistachio and eucalyptus trees, combined with the purest azure water.

Trekking in Antalya

Trekking in Antalya – this is a special type of rock climbing for the mass tourist, during which each client will be able to independently and with the help of special equipment overcome a certain segment of the path. Unforgettable emotions of the discoverer of difficult mountain formations will forever remain in memory.

Zipline in Antalya

And finally, the zipline – this is an extreme descent from a height to the underlying surface with the help of a steel rope. This unforgettable feeling of flying in the air will impress even the most demanding tourist.

The most important thing at the beginning of the – carefully listen to the instructions of an experienced guide. After that, you can safely go on an exciting journey! Also a bright sea tour is recommended to visit Sulu-Ada Island from Antalya.

Three in one excursion in Antalya: incredible routes

The beautiful fast river Kopryuchay in ancient times was called Eurymedon. It is home to a variety of fauna, but most often you can find mullet and trout. It extends for hundreds of kilometers, namely 185 directly from its source in the Eastern Taurus. It flows into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are three main stages within the Three in One Rafting in Antalya.

  • one and a half hour passage of the steepest rapids of the river;
  • one-hour break in the middle of the route for a hearty lunch of the best dishes of Turkish cuisine;
  • passing the rest of the river rapids, fun swimming in the lower reaches of the river and the opportunity to dive for an hour.
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30 person
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Antalya zipline price 2024

Adult 30 £
Kids (7-12 ) 13 £
Infants (0 -6) Free

Antalya zipline programm

Note: Only with us you can get a boat for 2 people for free in rafting, for this, inform the manager of the booking time.

  • Antalya zipline, tracking and rafting starts from the exit of the client's hotel.
  • Transfer to the starting point of the Three in One Rafting in Antalya.
  • Providing equipment and a brief briefing from a guide.
  • Arriving at the starting point of the route and getting ready to start.
  • Passing the itinerary along the narrow canyon gorge, several stops in the most picturesque places, jumping from rocks into the water.
  • Dynamic rope descent through the entire canyon to the starting point for rafting.
  • A hearty lunch of Turkish cuisine's most iconic and delicious dishes.
  • Exciting rafting along the Köprüçay river.

Antalya zipline details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 08:00 — 18:00
Includes lunch, insurance, tour, equipment
Excludes drinks
Don't Forgets comfortable shoes, towel, swimwear, hats, sunglasses

zipline in turkey

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