Buggy rafting Antalya

Buggy rafting Antalya is a fascinating extreme sport tour designed to entertain the country's guests. As part of the program, you can admire the beautiful terrain both on land and on the water. Ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts. After the trip, you can swim in a cool mountain river, have lunch.

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Buggy rafting Antalya more information

Buggy rafting Antalya in small SUVs and kayaking in Turkey is an ideal leisure destination for extreme enthusiasts. It involves a tour of the picturesque places of the eastern country. Those wishing to visit the Safari buggy are given a choice of transport: it can be one or two-seater. Throughout the trip, there will be small breaks to rest, the opportunity to take beautiful photos and swim in crystal clear water. The buggy safari in Antalya can be attended by those in the age category 7-77 years. Self-driving cars are allowed from the age of 16.

If you are a fan of quieter excursions, we recommend choosing a Manavgat river boat trip from Antalya.

Antalya buggy rafting with kids

In summer, the Koprulcay is calmer - even children can participate. As for rafting, in the summer the riverbed is calm, so you can take children of any age on the journey. Our managers will tell you in detail what to take on rafting in Turkey and how to dress for rafting in the summer or in another season.

Antalya rafting tour

The point of the Antalya rafting tour program is as follows: for cross and descent on the river from the hotel, there is a transfer on a comfortable bus. Before you go on an independent trip, instructors will tell you everything you need, as well as give out the means of safety. Machines are easy to control and maneuverable, so there should be no difficulties. Shoes for rafting in Turkey is suitable any, the main thing is that it sits tightly on the foot.

Adherents of active recreation and kayaking will be able to capture in memory the tour - reviews of experienced tourists confirm this. You can ride both alone. As part of the trip, there is an opportunity to admire nature, which did not touch the hand of man. The tour provides stops where you can relax, have a snack, take a dip or take a beautiful photo as a keepsake. The tour turns out to be rich, so such a holiday is not comparable to anything.

As for rafting, the equipment is issued by the organizers, the briefing is conducted by guides with a lot of experience. Kayaking in Turkey is a mass of impressions and emotions, it is a splash of warm water and unique landscapes stops for swimming, photoshoots, bungee skating. At the finish, you can take a shower and change clothes. After that, tourists will have lunch. Rafting and buggy Safari in Antalya will need a towel and swimsuits, water and cameras, cream and sunglasses, money for personal expenses.

Buggy Antalya

You don't need to take special training or have a driver's license for a buggy safari in Antalya. The capacity of one vehicle is no more than two people who wear seat belts. For rafting will have to listen to the instruction from the guides, put on a helmet, and a life jacket. The duration of such entertainment is 9 hours, and the price is available to everyone.

This trip will give so many vivid impressions and colorful photos that you will want to repeat the route again. Back to the hotel is also provided delivery by convenient bus.

Antalya extreme sports

You can go on a Antalya extreme sport buggy rafting daily tour, so tourists can choose a more suitable day to travel. As part of the tour, positive emotions are provided. To book a seat on the bus, it is enough to call or fill out an online questionnaire on the site. If you have any questions, consult the manager who will tell you the details.

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Buggy rafting Antalya share


30£ person
Buggy rafting Antalya gif

Unforgettable Experience

Buggy rafting Antalya price 2024

Passenger 15£
Adult 30£
Kids (7-12 ) 15£

Buggy rafting Antalya programm

Note: Only with us, you can get a 2 person boat for extra free in rafting, for this , tell the manager about the reservation time.

  • Transfer tourists on a comfortable bus from hotels by region
  • Arrival at Koprulu Canyon, which has a huge territory and occupies the status of a national park
  • Departure for the route where the safari takes place
  • Special instruction on driving rules and safety precautions for driving buggies
  • The beginning of a 20 km buggy ride along the Taurus mountains not far from Antalya - the total length of the route is 20 km.
  • Issuance of the necessary equipment for rafting on the river
  • Special Safety Briefing from a qualified instructor
  • Arriving at the starting point, choosing a raft, dividing into teams
  • Rafting down the river to the first stop on special raft boats. 
    First stop near the bridge, free time - 30 minutes for photos and swimming
  • Continuation of rafting down the mountain river to the second stop
  • The second stop - free time 15 minutes for a photo and swimming - those who wish can ride a bungee for an additional fee
  • Continuation of rafting down the river to the finish point
  • Free time to shower and change Delicious lunch of national dishes Time for packing, selection of photos and videos for an additional fee at will
  • Return road, return to hotels

Buggy rafting Antalya details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 08:00 — 18:00
Includes round trip transfer, insurance, lunch, instruction, equipment, buggy rental and raft
Excludes drinks, personal expenses, professional photo and video, double kayaks
Don't Forgets swimwear, sun / sun cream, change of clothes, tight-fitting shoes, water

Exciting an enjoying in two stage

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