Fire of Anatolia Belek

The Fire of Anatolia Belek is show an opportunity to see live the largest and most numerous dance group in the world. Presence at a grandiose performance, which has no analogues anywhere else. The best spectator seats in the Aspendos arena. Positive emotions and vivid impressions, excellent mood for a long time. Transfer on a convenient, comfortable transport. Schedule of an amazing grand dance performance in Turkey on the official website of Minister Tours

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The Fire of Anatolia Show in Belek is a show that attracts tourists from all over the world. The ensemble saw the world in 1999. It was then that the team was organized by Mustafa Erdogan. A few years later, he became popular in many parts of the world and got into the Guinness Book of Records. The first record is the most energetic dance (241 dance steps per minute). The second is the largest audience of 400,000 visitors (Eregli).

At the same time, you will see 120 members of the dance ensemble who have been on tour in 80 countries and participated in Eurovision. During the performance you will get acquainted with the culture and historical heritage of Turkey. Stunning compositions, amazing outfits and bright decorations are waiting for you. All this accurately conveys the features of life, mood, reveals the events that took place in a certain time period.

Fire of Anatolia Timetable

If an organized excursion does not suit you, you can come here on your own, the poster of the performance, the schedule, where it is located can be viewed on the website or check with the administrator at the reception.

Professional dancers will show real skills at the show. The show perfectly combines a huge number of dances that belong to different cultural trends. Here, the tendencies of the eastern and western directions, modern choreography and classical ballet are harmoniously intertwined. You will hear compositions that belong to all regions of amazing Turkey. The project includes more than three thousand figures. The creator of the ensemble pursued one goal - to convey to the world the beauty of a beautiful country, to show its features and heritage. And he completely succeeded.

Dance Show Fire of Anatolia in Belek allows you to choose a show in one of its options. Each of the performances is an amazing story played out to the sound of music on stage.

  • Evolution. These are Mediterranean dances, with the help of which the viewer will get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the Eastern and Central Asian states, the inhabitants of the coasts of the Aegean and Black Seas. You will learn a lot of interesting things not only about Turkey, but also about Georgia and Azerbaijan. Anatolian flavor will make this unusual "story" bright and memorable.
  • Troy. Here, directors, choreographers and dancers did everything to reproduce the events from Homer's play in dances, to reveal this amazing work, to convey its essence and idea to our contemporaries. The world-famous ensemble has several corpses, which allows you to perform simultaneously in different places. Regardless of what kind of action will unfold on the stage, the plot and spectacle completely capture the attention of the viewer and do not let go until the end.

Fire of Anatolia Aspendos

In the period April-November, the show will be shown almost next to Aspendos. You will find a comfortable transfer, the best seats in the hall and an unforgettable experience. The amphitheater with a stage of 1300 square meters (Gloria Aspendos Arena) can accommodate 5000 people at the same time. By the way, not far from the new building of the theater there is an incompletely preserved theater of ancient times. Another, no less majestic amphitheater of Hierapolis can be seen on an excursion to Pamukkale from Belek.

Dance show Fire of Anatolia in Belek, organized by our travel agency at a low price, has not left anyone indifferent. A performance of this magnitude is amazing, it takes you to the times of other eras and civilizations. You can book a tour online or by phone. Prepayment is not required. You will get great pleasure from such a pleasant trip. The performance of the dance ensemble will remain in memory for many years.

Fire of Anatolia Belek,Fire of Anatolia Timetable

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50£ person
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Fire of Anatolia Belek price 2024

Adult 50£
Kids (4-11 ) 25£
Infants (0 -3) Free

Fire of Anatolia Belek programm

  • Gathering of tour participants from Belek hotels
  • Arrival at the venue - Arena Aspendos
  • Dance show (performance "Fire of Anatolia" or "Troy" should be chosen in advance when booking a tour)
  • Walking through the amphitheatre and taking pictures
  • Return back to hotels

Fire of Anatolia Belek details

Tour daysTuesday,Friday
Tour hours 16:30 - 23:00
Includes Transfer in both directions, dinner, insurance, guide, tickets to enter the concert.
Excludes Drinks, personal expenses.
Don't Forgets water, mosquito protection

team that got into the Guinness Book of Records

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