Demre Mira Kekova from Belek

Demre-Mira-Kekova from Belek is a fascinating, rich, informative excursion to the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and three legendary historical places in Turkey. Boat trip along the sunken city of Kekova and look through the window in the bottom of the ship to part that went under water. Acquaintance with Christian shrines, the history of the life of Santa Claus, the place of his preaching, residence and burial.

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Adult 30£
Kids (4-8 ) 18£
Infants (0 -3) Free

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Excursion Demre-Mira-Kekova from Belek is an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most significant settlements in the distant past (where each of them is located, see on the map), each of which has its own unique history. You will definitely enjoy the contemplation of the area, a walk on a yacht, legends and real facts from the life of the population of the country of that time and one of the greatest people in the Christian world, who is known in every corner of the planet.

Belek Demre distance

The distance from Belek to Demre is 184 kilometers. Drive about 3 hours

Our travel agency has prepared an interesting route on a comfortable bus (photos and reviews can be viewed on the website or thematic forums) - the price is relatively low.

The 3 in 1 tour starts in the morning from the moment you get into the vehicle. Excursion Demre-Mira-Kekov from Belek will not be tiring. On the way, you can hear a lot of interesting information from a professional guide with specialized education.

The Lycian tombs of Myra

Myra Lycian is a stunning object. During its heyday, the city was very close to the Mediterranean Sea (the distance was 5 km). Its appearance dates back to the 5th century BC. At present, not all ancient buildings have been preserved (many times it was destroyed and rebuilt), but tourists will be able to see a number of monuments that have survived to this day. First of all, these are the famous Lycian rock tombs, in which wealthy, respected people in the city were buried. As the legend says, the souls of those who were buried in the rock quickly fall into another, other world. Also, you can see the amphitheater. Its capacity was large enough up to 10,000 spectators.

Church of Santa Claus in Turkey

Excursion Demre-Mira-Kekova from Belek necessarily includes a visit to the ancient city of Demre - its old district. It was here that Santa Claus lived and served God. The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Turkey was built after his death in 345 according to the old calendar (in the immediate vicinity there is an icon center where you can buy silver icons. Over the past time, it has been destroyed and restored many times.

In its place, after a strong earthquake in 529, a basilica was built, which was destroyed in the 7th century by the Arabs. A hundred years after these events, a temple and a monastery were erected with the tomb of Nicholas the Wonderworker. The interior decoration with mosaics and frescoes is amazing. In subsequent centuries, the building was repeatedly exposed to external factors and was buried under a layer of earth. After excavations and restoration work, it opened its doors to tourists, pilgrims and local residents. Today St. Nicholas Day is celebrated all over the world, especially in Turkey. On an excursion to Cappadocia for two days, other sights are waiting for you, no less interesting.

Kekova sunken city boat trip

Next you will have a trip on a boat in Kekova. The tour continues with a walk to the sunken city, whose history is rooted in the distant past (Jacques Yves Cousteau spent a lot of time under water, exploring this area). The settlement of Dolhiste was destroyed and buried under the water column in the second century BC. The vessel is equipped with a window in the bottom, through which you can see the ancient buildings and what is left of them.

If you are interested in architectural and historical monuments, events that have remained behind the curtain of centuries, the culture of the country, then our tour of Demre-Mira-Kekova from Belek is one of the best. To book a tour, you just need to call or leave a request online. No prepayment required.

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30£ person
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The Nature of the Region

Demre Mira Kekova from Belek programm

  • Gathering holidaymakers from hotels and departure to Demre from Belek
  • Stop for breakfast (take a lunch box at the reception)
  • City of Peace — rock tombs, ancient Roman amphitheater
  • Inspection of The Lycian, the oldest tombs located in the rocks
  • A walk through the Roman ancient theater of Demre, a Christian settlement that has many ancient buildings
  • The tour “In the footsteps of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker" is the house where the saint lived, the library.
  • The first church of St. Nicholas, where he originally preached
  • Sacred sarcophagus (main Orthodox shrine) — inspection of the place where the body of Nicholas the Wonderworker was buried
  • Lunch of national Turkish dishes in the restaurant
  • Arrival in the port and Kekova boat trip (half-sunken island), where through the water you can see the ruins of ancient houses, buildings and streets, precious amphorae and objects of architecture
  • Walk through the ancient city of Dolhiste (now Kekova) — 2 hours
  • Return to port and transfer to the bus
  • Back to hotels.

Demre Mira Kekova from Belek details

Tour daysWednesday,Friday,Sunday
Tour hours 06:00 - 20:00
Includes Transfer in both directions, insurance, guide-historian, lunch
Excludes Soft drinks, Kekova sunken city boat trip, tickets to enter the sights
Don't Forgets Drinking water, comfortable shoes, hat, swimsuit, towel, cream and sunglass for sun protection, lunch box (ordered at reception the day before departure)

Journey to the ancient sunken city

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