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Kadriye excursions and tours

The best excursions and things to do from Kadriye Beach with Minister Tours Turkey

Kadriye excursions

Kadriye excursions: Kadriye town is only seven kilometers from Belek tourism center and you will not have any transportation problems as the distances are short here. In Kadriye, there are many places to visit and see, such as entertainment venues, touristic bazaars, as well as historical places (such as the synagogue mosque and the Christian church). We offer transportation, insurance, guidance and more for free. The best way to get to know a region is to go on a tour with people (guides) who know about it, and you can be sure that it will be a great experience for all guests who are interested in cultural structures. In addition to cultural tours, Kadriye will also have exciting and action-packed tours (rafting, ATV safari, etc.).

Tours in Kadriye

Tours in Kadriye

Kadriye what to do

Kadriye what to do: There are many touristic areas, entertainment venues, hiking trails, golf courses that should be visited and seen in Kadriye, and when you are bored of sitting at the hotel, you can visit the Kadriye bazaar and enjoy your holiday in restaurants and entertainment venues. The infrastructure in the town is highly developed and continues to improve itself day by day. Here you can see entertainment and sightseeing areas that appeal to everyone from 7 to 70, for example, there is a water park where you can take your children, or for those who prefer a calm environment, Kadriye is a paradise hidden among the greenery, you can relax and find peace in this paradise. We recommend that those who want to experience different experiences take a look at our website because we compile more than 40 excursions and tour options that you can join from Kadriye we offer them at affordable prices.

Tours in Kadriye

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