Massage in Belek

Massage Belek in Peloid Turkish bath Turkey is a visit to one of the best spas in Belek, an opportunity to learn more about everything related to the hammam. The possibility to undergo Thai and foam massage, spa treatments, professionally cleanse the skin, completely relax. Relatively low price. You can come with small kids, as there is a special children's room with animators. Organized transfer to the destination from hotels.

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Massage in Belek price 2024

Adult 20£
Kids (7-12 ) 10£
Infants (0 -6) Free

Make reservation, pay in the tour

Massage in Belek more information

Massage in Belek in the Peloid Turkish bath - an tour that involves visiting a hammam and undergoing a number of procedures. We recommend it at the very beginning of your stay in the country. Thus, your skin will be prepared for water and solar procedures, it will acquire a completely different tone, and the tan will be more even and saturated. Such institutions originate from ancient times and are an improved version of the ancient Roman baths, which were especially popular during the heyday of the Ottoman Empire.

It is worth noting that this establishment is not intended for traditional bathing and is generated by the gender of visitors. Men and women must come either at different times or at separate hours.

Turkish hammam massage in Belek

The benefits of a turkish hammam massage in Belek are really huge. Staying here and undergoing a series of procedures allows you to get rid of many health problems, improve the condition of the skin, nervous system, and get rid of the consequences of stressful situations. Turkish bath Peloid in Belek is a SPA complex where you will spend about two hours and get real pleasure from such a pastime. The temperature inside is in the range of 35 to 50 degrees Celsius. The microclimate inside is great even for those who can hardly tolerate the heat. If you are a fan of spa treatments to the sound of the waves, then we recommend visiting our best hammam on the beach in Belek.

Peloid hamam Belek

Peloid hamam in Belek, according to the reviews of the country's guests, is the best hammam. This is a large spa complex built in the style of an Ottoman village (corresponding architecture) - a street lined with shops and houses. Its main plus is the peloid mud brought from Dalyan and containing trace elements useful for the skin. After application, their skin becomes tender, smooth, rejuvenated, without irritation, toned, with a normal Ph level.

As part of the tour, there are two options for the program, which differ only in one point. From the very beginning, you will need to warm up the body, steam the skin, relax the muscles. Therefore, the first step is to stay in the sauna.

Peeling massage

Next you will find a salt room - 15 minutes of being in it and the skin will be saturated with useful minerals. The climate of this room also has a beneficial effect on other organs and systems of the body. The next step is peeling followed by foam application. First, a professional massage therapist in Belek will remove old dead skin cells from the skin using a kese glove made of horsehair.

Foam massage in Belek

This will be followed by a foam massage, during which the body is cleansed and relaxed. Next, you will have a procedure with the use of relaxing massage techniques in Belek. If you have chosen a luxury program, you can also enjoy an additional service - professional Thai massage, how much such a session costs in Turkey on average, you can find out from the Minister Tours staff.

Mud bath in Belek

Finally, you can take a mud bath in a special pool. They were practiced in antiquity, and they became especially popular in the 13th century. And to this day, it is believed that mud and clay, saturated with minerals and trace elements, can cure a number of diseases, in particular the musculoskeletal system.

After taking a dip in the outdoor pool to cool down, everyone can enjoy a cup of fragrant tea brewed according to a special recipe.

Belek hamam spa

If you want to experience the miraculous power of the hammam, book a massage in Belek in the Peloid Turkish bath with our travel company. You will find a relatively low price, two programs to choose from and a reservation without prepayment. You can buy a tour online or by phone. We guarantee you a great vacation and unique sensations.

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20£ person
Massage in Belek gif tvborder

Only for you and your Group

Massage in Belek programm

  • - Standard massage program in Belek Peloid Turkish bath -
  • Steam sauna, evenly warming the body - stay for 30 minutes
  • Being in a salt room that normalizes breathing - 15 minutes
  • Body peeling and foam massage from professionals using natural soap and gloves -20 minutes 
  • Relaxing massage technique with natural aromamas, moisturizing and softening the skin - 20 minutes
  • Pools with healing mud and contrasting cold water - 20 minutes
  • Tea party (Turkish herbal tea)
  • - Luxury massage program in Belek Peloid hammam -
  • Steam sauna, evenly warming body - 30 minutes
  • Salt room that has a good influence on the airways - 15 minutes
  • Cleansing body peeling and foam massage from professionals using natural soap and gloves -" kese" - 20 minutes
  • Relaxing massage procedure with natural aromamas, moisturizing and softening the skin - 20 minutes
  • Thai massage, combining acupressure, ayurveda and yoga poses - 20 minutes 
  • Pools with healing mud and contrasting cold water
  • Tea party (Turkish herbal tea)

Massage in Belek details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00-18:00
Includes transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, guide, listed in the procedures, water and tea, slippers with a towel
Excludes Any extras
Don't Forgets swimsuit

Full set of SPA treatments!

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