Size and capacity depend on the number of people

Rent Yacht in Belek


1 person


  • Departure from the hotel and arrival of tourists to the port
  • Start a mini-cruise on a yacht
  • A sea walk on a comfortable vessel along the coastline
  • The ancient city of Fazelis and rest on the beach (visit if you wish) - ruins of the Byzantine and Roman periods
  • Aqueduct
  • Short stops in the bays with scenic nature and swimming in the open waters
  • Lunch on the ship prepared for guests
  • Return to port
  • Return to the hotel
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours Every hour (clarification)
Includes transfer by comfortable transport, insurance, captain, English proficient, travel by sea, unlimited drinks (non-alcoholic), lunch
Excludes Alcohol
Don't Forgets towel, swimsuits, sunglasses and cream, hat, additional services by arrangement, money for personal expenses
Adult 1
Children (7 - 12 ) 1
Infants (0 - 6 ) 1

Diffirence of Minister Tour

The opportunity to enjoy the cruise in a narrow circle of family, acquaintances (the size of the ship is selected individually, depending on the number of sightseers). Contemplation of the coast, acquaintance with the ancient city (optional), rest on the beach, swimming in the sea. English -speaking captain, lunch and soft drinks are included in the price.

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail


To diversify your holiday in Turkey, get to know the natural and historical sights and just have a good time in a narrow circle will help you to rent a yacht in Belek for a day with the captain, who is fluent in English. During the trip you will find many beautiful and unusual places, one of which is the Manavgat Delta. At this point the river flows into the sea. You will have a unique opportunity not only to see, but also to swim in the salty and fresh waters at the same time. Walking along the coast, you can see the wonderful landscapes, beaches and buildings, visit the amazing beauty bays, see the caves that have formed over the millennia.

If you are interested in sea pleasure you can reserve the Belek boat trip in our company.

Detailed information:

Renting a yacht in Belek, the price depends on how many people will participate in the cruise and the type of boat (you can rent a boat for a large company and two people), opens up completely new opportunities. You can celebrate any significant event here, hold an event, organize a holiday for children or a romantic date whit hire a private boat. If necessary, we will decorate the vessel in accordance with the theme of the event (negotiated in advance). From the first minutes of your stay on the ship, will begin an unforgettable journey. It can be an individual walk on a yacht, the route of which is designed with the wishes of guests. First, holidaymakers go for a sea walk along the Mediterranean coast. At this time you can watch the picturesque landscapes changing overboard or sunbathe in the sun - on the upper deck there are comfortable loungers. A quiet burst of small waves, a light breeze, stunning clean air will give you peace of mind and peace.

Renting a yacht in Belek is the absence of a strict time frame for staying in a particular place, as evidenced by the reviews of other tourists. So you will have enough time to enjoy the most suitable kind of rest Further you are waiting for small stops for swimming, the most beautiful in this area of the bay and, of course (if you are not indifferent to historical monuments), the ancient city Fazelis with a wonderful beach. The settlement was founded by the colonists of Rhodes Island in the 7th century BC (the founders exchanged dried fish on the ground). The city is located at the foot of the legends of Mount Olympos (Tahtals). At the dawn of its heyday in a large Lycian village there were three harbors - South, Middle and Eastern. The ruins of later Byzantine and Roman structures have survived to this day. You can see the walls (3rd century BC), the ruins of a crypt or a temple, a necropolis, which according to legends is the burial of Alexander the Great. for all tastes.

The most exciting sight is considered to be the aqueduct, which provided fresh water to the entire settlement. Travellers will also enjoy a delicious lunch, fruit and wonderful soft drinks, which are offered in unlimited quantities throughout the tour. After a few hours of pleasant and exciting pastime, vivid emotions and many photos taken in memory, swimming in the sea, you will go back to the port, and then to your hotel.

The benefits of booking a tour with us:

If you are interested in renting a yacht in Belek, call and book a trip (you can rent different sizes and class of the ship). You will learn more from the manager of the company. You don't need to make a prepayment - the calculation is done on the fact. This is one of the best walks on the sea, which is very popular with holidaymakers. You will be in a great mood.

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