Bodrum to Ephesus

Bodrum to Ephesus tour is an interesting and informative excursion to ancient places in the open air, a chance to touch the culture and lifestyle of the people of that time. Day trip to Celsius Library, Mount Panayir and ruins of the ancient Roman city

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Bodrum to Ephesus tour is a unique opportunity to visit the ancient heritage of Turkish civilization.

A successful summer vacation simply cannot be limited to spending time on the coast and in the azure water, because it is extremely important not only to relax the body, but also to learn something new and unknown every day. A great opportunity to acquire new historical knowledge and get aesthetic pleasure is an inexpensive excursion for the whole day.

Bodrum Ephesus distance

The distance from Ephesus to Bodrum is only 175.4 km, which means that within an hour and a half after leaving the hotel on a comfortable bus, our guests will find themselves in the cradle of an ancient civilization. Judging by the reviews, there are a huge number of unique buildings and heritage that any traveler must visit.

Bodrum to ephesus day trip: what will you see?

Celsius Library

As part of a convenient tour prgram, our guests will visit the famous ruins of the Celsius Library, which has worldwide fame and recognition. Unfortunately, only the facade has survived from it, but even in this state it perfectly and fully reflects its former greatness.

Mount Panayir

At the foot of Mount Panayir, a giant multi-storey amphitheater was once erected, which still retains the same auditorium. The most magnificent view of the entire archaeological complex of the city opens from there. The theater stage, where Roman emperors performed, has been in excellent condition for many centuries. Grandiose columns, graceful bas-reliefs and solid structures delight and amaze at the same time, fortunately, there is still a chance to see the beauty of this place with your own eyes.

The Odeion of Ancient Ephesus

Bodrum to Ephesus day trip will bring to the attention of the guests the majestic Odeon, once the house of the city government, where the most important decisions were made regarding the life of the city and the country.

Temple of Artemis

On the way, you will also meet the temple of Artemis of Ephesus, which is one of the seven greatest wonders of the world, the remains of the buildings of a brothel and the ruins of the agora, where the trading life of the city was in full swing hundreds of years ago. 

House of the Virgin Mary

Bodrum to Ephesus tour also includes the amazingly beautiful restored chapel in the house of the Virgin Mary, it was here, according to legend, that the mother of Jesus Christ lived. However, this place has a sacred meaning not only for Christians, because inside there is also the holy book of the Koran. Muslims believe that this is the house of the mother of the prophet Isa. Very close to the house there is a wall of desires, where any person can leave the most intimate thoughts. It is definitely worth ordering such a culturally rich tour, because good memories and photos will last a lifetime.

Fans of trips of this type are highly recommended to book an excursion to Pamukkale from Bodrum, because there you can inexpensively see the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis.

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Bodrum to Ephesus share


35£ person
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Family Trip

Bodrum to Ephesus price 2024

Adult 35£
Kids (3-11 ) 25£
Infants (0 -2) Free

Bodrum to Ephesus programm

  • Transfer valued guests from their Hotels to Ephesus Tour from Bodrum.    
  • Departure from Bodrum.
  • Have breakfast by the Lake at Canli Balik Restaurant - 30 minutes.
  • Finishing our breakfast then moving to Ephesus.
  • Arrival to Selcuk(Ephesus), here there is a free time for guests.
  • Enjoy Lunch at the Selcuk Town after visiting Ephesus.
  • Visiting Virgin Mary House (optionally).
  • Return back to Bodrum.
  • Afternoon break will be in BAFA LAKE.
  • Cocluding our tour and transferring our dear customers to Hotels.

Bodrum to Ephesus details

Tour daysWednesday,Saturday
Tour hours 07:00 – 19:30
Includes Lunch, round trip transfer by a comfortable and air-conditioned buses and insurance.
Excludes Breakfast, drinks, personal expenses and Virgin Mary House (optionally).
Don't Forgets Hats, sunscreen, glasses, comfortable clothes and shoes.

Ephesus Tour from Bodrum

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