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Horse riding in Bodrum

Horse riding in Bodrum is a safari tour, the main part of which passes through the picturesque forest thicket, away from the city noise and dusty roads.

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Horse riding in Bodrum Explanations

Horse riding in Bodrum - For a whole hour, you will be charged with positive emotions, get vivid impressions, enjoy the fresh air saturated with the scent of pine needles and eucalyptus, birdsong, and communicate with your four-legged partner. The tour program is suitable for both experienced riders and those who dare to sit in the saddle for the first time in their life.

Horseback riding Bodrum

Both fun and reward. Horseback riding in Bodrum will be more than just a pleasant and varied pastime. The benefits of horse riding have been known since the time of Hippocrates, and modern alternative medicine calls hippotherapy - a panacea for all diseases. Even simple communication with this amazing animal relieves stress, depression, nervous tension. Simple horseback riding or moderately active exercises help to maintain normal muscle tone, train the vestibular apparatus, improve blood circulation, especially in the pelvic organs, which is important for the beautiful half of humanity.

Horseback riding limitations

This is the only occupation to which all ages are submissive, and the list of contraindications is so small that it is limited only by the Private manifestation of an allergic reaction to the animal's fur, chronic diseases during their exacerbation, and the weight of the rider - up to 100 kg.

However, it should be noted that all this does not apply to professional training. Here, as in the well-known phrase: "Equestrianism cripples, and horseback riding heals." Iron horses can become an alternative to live horses - Quad bike safari in Bodrum is roaring motors, dust, drive, and extreme in one bottle. You can buy this excursion inexpensively and at a favorable price on our website.

How goes Horseback riding in Bodrum:

You can ride horses in a small country equestrian club, to which you will be taken by a comfortable bus, included in the tour price. A professional trainer will give safety instructions, tell about the peculiarities of his wards, about the rules of conduct, being near the horse and while riding and will also be sure to give out protective equipment.

Of course, it is unrealistic to become a virtuoso horseman in a few hours, but to master elementary management skills is quiet. In addition, all farm animals are human-oriented, calm, and peaceful. They have undergone special training and understand their riders literally at a glance.

Horse riding in Turkey

You can order horse riding in Bodrum Turkey both in the morning and in the second, in this case, a horse trip for two can become an unusual romantic date, in which a girl will feel like a princess, and a young man is the most, that neither is a real prince or knight. There is a restaurant on the territory of the ranch, having reserved a table, you can continue your fantastic evening with a candlelit dinner.

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35 person

Horse riding in Bodrum Programm

  • Picking up valued guests from their Hotels to starting the tour of Horse Riding in Bodrum.

  • Moving to Bodrum Horse Club.

  • Our guide will show our dear guests the instructions for this tour and give them an introduction to the horses and their nature.

  • Participants gather at the riding field to prepare for the start of the ride.

  • Visitors begin horseback riding and touring the scenic mountains.

  • The duration of the horseback riding tour is 1 hour.

  • Stopping at the beautiful panoramic views to relax and take pictures that will remain unique in everyone's memory.

  • Continuing the walk and heading to visit the Equestrian Club.

  • Concluding our tour, and re-transfer dear clients to their Hotels.

Need to know: the transfer from distant hotels it will be with a small surcharge/ there is also an optional program with horses on a two-hour tour in the mountains and then on the seashore.

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours 09:00-10:00 ; 17:00-18:00; 19:00-20:00

Includes Round-trip transfer, English guide, insurance and horseback riding.

Excludes Personal expenses and shooting a videos/photos.

Don't Forgets Swimming suits, drinking water, sun protection.

Horse riding in Bodrum price for excursion 2022

Passenger 18
Adult 35

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