Balloon Flight in Cappadocia

Balloon Flight in Cappadocia will be the most spectacular part of your trip. The huge dome will soar in the rays of the dawn sun over the alien landscapes, allowing you to fully enjoy the opening beauties, which will take your breath away, and appreciate all the greatness of the area with the amazing name "the country of beautiful horses".

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Balloon Flight in Cappadocia is the best way to experience this magnificent land. Cappadocia is located in the central part of Turkey; many also call it the heart of the country. Surprisingly, despite the fact that this part of the Anatolian Plain is not considered a resort where you can spend your vacation comfortably, does not have a coast washed by the sea, does not please the eye with an abundance of groves and forests, it still remains the most desirable place for visiting tourists, a kind a visiting card of the Republic of Turkey, which at least once in your life must be seen with your own eyes. And of course, take a hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia, which has already become a real ritual.

For most travelers, it is not at all important where it is better to go and how quickly to get to this region, the main goal itself is to visit these fabulous lands, learn the centuries-old history and solve the mysteries of its origin. And there really is something to see here.

  • Valleys: Red, Pink, Doves, Love - they are all different and unique in their own way.
  • An open-air museum with rock-cut churches, temples and monasteries with preserved frescoes dating from the 1st century AD.
  • The city of potters Avanos, standing on the banks of the red river Kyzylirmak and famous all over the world for its pottery and carpet weaving skills.
  • Multi-tiered underground cities that have served as a refuge for Christians for centuries.

To quickly explore all the local iconic places, you can take a dynamic Jeep safari in Cappadocia.

The Minister Tours travel agency organizes one-day, two and three-day tours to Cappadocia from the resort cities of the Mediterranean and Aegean coast, which you can buy from our managers. The price of the excursion already includes: transfer by comfortable bus, hotel accommodation and the services of a professional guide.

Balloon Flight in Cappadocia: how to order and how much it costs.

The Sabel Valley, located near the village of Goreme, serves as a launching pad for aeronautics. Balloons fly every day, throughout the year, the most important thing is that the weather is summer, without wind and precipitation. Compliance with all the rules, as well as the issuance of a permit for a balloon flight in Cappadocia, is tirelessly monitored by the State Aviation Service.

Up to 250 multi-colored hot air balloons can simultaneously rise into the sky, thus forming a kind of parade. One basket can hold from 12 to 16 people. The maximum hovering distance of the balloon above the ground is 1000 meters, but a more comfortable altitude is up to 300 meters.

Do not confuse the daily action with the Cappadox festival, which has been held annually since 2015. Since 2018, the organizers have decided to hold it every two years and increase the number of days. During this time, everyone could take part in various programs, trips to the main attractions, master classes, try local culinary delights, and besides, this is a real celebration of music and art.

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200£ person
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Fly like a Bird

Balloon Flight in Cappadocia price 2024

Adult 200£

Balloon Flight in Cappadocia programm

  • Pickup to Balloon flight in Cappadocia
  • After the introductory briefing and loading into the baskets, the flight begins
  • The flight duration is 1 hour. From a height of more than 300 meters, you can admire the picturesque landscapes of valleys and canyons.
  • A soft landing, after which you will receive an aeronautic certificate.

Balloon Flight in Cappadocia details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Transfer to the launch site, insurance, flight
Excludes Personal expenses and food
Don't Forgets Headwear, camera, sun protection, warm clothing

Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

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