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Salt Lake in Cappadocia will allow you to first enjoy the amazing mountain landscapes, and after a couple of hours admire the perfectly smooth water surface?

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Salt Lake in Cappadocia - Tuz Lake is a conveniently combined tour for a comfortable trip. Tours for one person or family are rapidly gaining popularity among business people who value their time and level of comfort during their holidays. Especially for those guests who are not ready to share the guide with other clients, or who want to make up their own personal itinerary, without stopping in places that are not interesting to them, and such profitable single voyages were drawn up.

Details about Salt Lake in Cappadocia - Tuz Lake

Salt Lake in Cappadocia - Tuz Lake is entirely built on the successful proximity of Cappadocia to the famous Salt Lake, which allows you to cover such different, but such interesting locations in one trip. Buying such a tour saves a lot of time and money.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Cappadocia is Erciyas Volcano, which last erupted in the first century AD, while also being the most gigantic mountain in central Turkey.

Those who like to travel on their own will definitely enjoy a private trip to Pamukkale. Snow-white terraces beckon with their magical education.

The well-known lake Tuz is rightfully called one of the most important Turkish treasures. It is truly gigantic and ranks second in size in all of Turkey, giving first place only to Lake Van. An excellent feature of this reservoir is its increased salinity, probably because of it it is completely shallow, and does not exceed two meters. The landscape of this location is striking to the depths of the soul: the incredible surface of the sky, the end of which does not see the limit, creates the impression of being on a completely different planet. The fullness of water in a given place is constantly changing due to the change of seasons, so in summer it very often evaporates, while in winter its fullness reaches its maximum level. Of interest is also the constantly passing extraction of salt in these places; our tourists manage to see several salt mines with their own eyes. Those tourists who like the scenic tour are advised to book Horse riding in Cappadocia.

A stunning highlight of this lake in winter is the nesting flamingos in the southern part. In the summertime, travelers should be careful, as the arid lake desert may well turn into quicksand from the abundance of salt.

Salt Lake in Cappadocia - Tuz Lake also includes a visit to the magical example of ancient life - the city of Tatlarin, which is located right inside a huge rock. It includes many underground passages and rooms, interconnected and recently open to the public. Despite its century-old age, the old church is still well preserved inside. After leaving this place, guests will have a hearty lunch of Turkish national dishes.

The price of Salt Lake in Cappadocia varies depending on the number of people and the options chosen; absolutely any whim of the client can be included in the price.

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340 person
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Adult 340 £

Salt Lake in Cappadocia - Tuz Lake programm

  • Transfer to Salt lake tour in Cappadocia
  • Stop in the city under the ground Tatlarin (guide's story and free time for an overview)
  • Visit to the church that has survived to this day, which is near the underground city
  • Break for a delicious Turkish lunch
  • Arrival at Tuz salt lake (2nd largest in all of Turkey)
  • Free time there Return road to hotels

Salt Lake in Cappadocia - Tuz Lake details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Transfer, insurance, accompaniment of a English speaking guide, the selected program
Excludes Personal Expenses
Don't Forgets Sunglasses, caps, comfortable shoes. sun cream.

Private Excursion to Tuz Lake from Cappadocia

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