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Hamam in Didim is a great option for the first tour after a tiring move from home to the resort, because it is the bath that will help the body to fully relax

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Hamam in Didim is one of the most popular types of entertainment. There are such Turkish baths in absolutely every city, and even despite the fact that literally every inhabitant of even the smallest settlements now has a shower, a visit to the hamam is still a constant occupation.

The history of occurrence Hamam in Didim

Hamam in Didim is that the bath in Turkey is not just a type and method of bathing, which the Turks have been using since about the seventh century. For many centuries, this process has been rather a pleasant and interesting ritual where you can chat with your neighbors. As part of this inexpensive and profitable activity, visiting tourists are even more deeply immersed in the daily culture and everyday life of local residents. An interesting exchange of experience is guaranteed!

At the time of the emergence and rapid development of the culture of public baths in Turkey, all over the world, and especially in Western Europe, people still continued to lead a rather dirty lifestyle. At that time, local residents of the Arab countries not only regularly visited hammams, but also whiled away the time in them for sincere conversations, delicious tea and sweets in the kindest company.

Even to this day, there are legends that by ordering a visit to the hamam, you can perfectly cleanse your body and soul from worldly worries and fuss. After all, baths seem to give the skin a magical renewal, which is so necessary in the conditions of the crazy life rhythm of modern man. They also help to restore the daily routine and normalize sleep. After such an invigorating procedure, you can go on a Yacht Charter in Didim.

Hamam in Didim: the device of the Turkish Bath

Hamam in Didim Everyone who wants to touch such an impressive piece of Turkish culture should remember that the boor is a holy and clean place. According to many beliefs, it is completely impossible to do “dirty” deeds here - to conflict, swear and behave indecently.

It is also interesting that the khama has retained a special structure for many centuries. It is conditionally divided into several rooms, each of which is designed strictly for a specific type of activity. So, jamegah is a special place that was created exclusively for changing clothes. You can also relax and have a bite to eat here. Next comes soukluk, namely a special room for drying after taking a bath. The last and most important room in the hammam is the sajaklik - this is the largest room, which is exclusively for washing.

Hamam in Didim: types of procedures

Hamam in Didim, our clients will get acquainted with an experienced English speaking guide who will conduct a short introductory tour and tell you about the hamam device and the rules of conduct here. Next, the first procedure awaits guests - a steam room, which will help open the pores and prepare the skin. The next wonderful treatment will be a foam massage, which allows you to cleanse the skin and give it a true glow. A relaxing massage with oil will give the skin nourishment and elasticity, and then for everyone there are prepared face masks with the most natural composition.

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Hamam Turkish Bath in Didim

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