Horse Riding in Didim

Horse Riding in Didim is an exciting full-day tour, during which tourists will get acquainted with the most picturesque places of the Didim region, where beautiful landscapes and historical sights harmoniously merge

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Horse Riding in Didim is the best option for a trip at sunset or dawn, because the most beautiful historical locations in the rays of the sun barely remaining on the horizon will give these places a special charm. A romantic trip is perfect for two young people in love who want to enjoy each other's company, or for a large and friendly family.

The pros of horseback riding in Didim

Horse Riding in Didim Outing tours on horseback have become extremely popular and in demand. This is easily explained by the fact that the historical sights of the Didim region, and in general all its iconic places, are located at a fairly large distance from each other. Hiking in the conditions of the Turkish tourist season with a temperature of +30 and above is not at all conducive to such tiring activities. That is why a magnificent Horse Riding in Didim comes to the rescue, the democratic price of which will pleasantly surprise you.

A measured and unobtrusive walk through the plains and mountain ranges of Didim will allow not only to plant its incredible landscapes with the help of several viewing platforms, but also to get to know the history of Turkey and the region as a whole. An inexpensive tour will be a wonderful gift for yourself and your family, which will ideally dilute your routine vacation by the sea or by the pool.

It is worth noting that it is possible to book an exciting group tour both in the morning and in the evening. Such tours are usually tied to the time of sunset and sunrise. This is done so that tourists have the opportunity to meet the most beautiful sunset in their life for a very Cheap price.

Horse Riding in Didim will not become tiring and will fly by completely unnoticed, because after three hours of riding friendly horses in the company of the best guide who speaks English, it is absolutely impossible to get tired. If you choose from such trips, you should also consider a Jeep safari in Didim.

An incredible abundance of Horse riding in Didim

Horse Riding in Didim is a beautiful and well-developed resort, within which the very comfortable all-inclusive vacation is harmoniously combined with rich historical travels. On numerous photo reviews of the city, you can see several ancient buildings that have been perfectly preserved to this day. It is about them that we will discuss in this tour, where our customers will be able to see them with their own eyes.

The ancient city of Miletus is a unique example of an ancient way of life that was built approximately two thousand years ago. It is here that there is a huge number of ancient infrastructure and houses, even the ancient amphitheater, where the legendary gladiator fights were once held, has been preserved.

The Temple of Apollo is a unique building, which is considered to be the oldest temple in all of Asia. It was built in the eighth century BC, and, according to legend, the Sun God himself was born here.

To see such unique and truly culturally rich objects is a real pleasure that is possible as part of a Horse Riding in Didim!

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Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Communication with horses, a three-hour equestrian tour, all the necessary equipment, accompanied by an experienced English speaking guide, insurance
Excludes Personal expenses, food, drinks
Don't Forgets Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunscreen

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