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Rhodes from Didim is a profitable one-day trip for the whole family, allowing you to get to know a little part of Greece and its magnificent ancient history.

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Rhodes from Didim is an incredible opportunity to visit a truly mystical place, which for many centuries was sung in Greek legends and myths about the Gods. Every self-respecting educated person is simply obliged to visit this unique place at least once. Seeing the heritage of a great country with your own eyes is a real pleasure!

A Phenomenon of popularity Rhodes from Didim

Rhodes from Didim, you just want to break into a rich historical tour. No matter how wonderfully relaxing by the sea and by the pool, tourists still want to invest in their education and general level of development. So, Excursion to Rhodes from Didim is a great chance to see the most famous locations of the island with your own eyes.

For a very small price, travelers will get an unforgettable tour to one of the most famous islands of Greece - Rhodes. Millions of people have already visited this sample of ancient culture and history, judging by the reviews, they were satisfied with the trip.

It was in this location that the most famous statue of that time and, in combination, one of the wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes, was located. Its splendor and huge size simply amazed the man of that time. The statue was dedicated to the mighty Sun God, in whom every inhabitant of the island believed.

Rhodes from Didim picturesque island is washed by the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas on both sides, and its gentle and mild climate is ideal for a comfortable stay. It is not surprising that philosophers, artists, orators and thinkers flocked to this paradise at all times. The inspiration that can be found on this earth is difficult to compare with anything. History lovers are also highly recommended to visit the unique tour of the Antique Cities of Miletus and Priene from Didim.

Route and itinerary of Rhodes from Didim:

Rhodes from Didim Immediately after purchasing the tour, each of our clients will be picked up by a comfortable transfer right from the door of the hotel. The bus has everything you need for a comfortable and stress-free transfer to the port. There tourists will be met by an experienced English guide who will put them on the ferry and start a fascinating story. In just an hour and a half of a relaxing sea voyage, tourists will find themselves on the coast of the island of Rhodes, striking in its beauties. Such a trip pleases not only with an inexpensive cost, but also with a well-organized program.

What will our guests see during the tour? First of all, they will be met by the incredibly beautiful Tsambika Monastery, the highlight of which is the icon of the Virgin Mary, which has long been kept inside. Believers love to spend time near this shrine, because many still believe in the incredible miraculous power of this icon.

The enchanting Valley of the Butterflies will definitely appeal to fans of pristine nature. It is here that all year round you can see a huge abundance of various butterflies that flock to the valley because of the alluring smell of local resin.

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Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Convenient and fast transfers from the hotel, insurance and entrance tickets are included in the price, English guide and lunch.
Excludes Personal expenses and drinks.
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and clothes, sun protection, hat.

Excursion to Rhodes from Didim

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