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Fethiye diving tour is one of the inexpensive options to give yourself new, never-before-experienced emotions, so why not take advantage of this offer with Aegean Sea scuba diving center!

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Fethiye diving tour - Fethiye is a relatively small resort located in the western part of the Turkish Republic. A big plus is that the region is located between the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Europe and Britain people do not often choose this city for recreation, but every year the number of tourists is growing. The rich shade of the sea in Fethiye hides several interesting and safe diving spots. What you will not find there: corals, sea sponges, various caves, as well as the remains of ships that once went underwater.

Fethiye diving tour: depth

Diving in Türkiye Fethiye is not only a type of sports tourism, but also relaxation, and all thanks to the unusual shade of the water and its medicinal properties, which have a beneficial effect on the human body.

For beginners who are going to dive for the first time, there is a briefing that will give you the basic knowledge and help you learn more about diving. Throughout the entire process, our instructors with many years of training experience will protect you and monitor the clear implementation of instructions. If a tourist has a certificate, the Fethiye diving tour depth can be changed, but only after the instructor's permission.

Looking to visit another country while on vacation? Then you can book an Excursion from Fethiye to Rhodes. Castle of the Masters, Valley of the Butterflies, the ruins of the Kolos of Rhodes, and much more within the program.

Scuba diving rules

Of course, any kind of extreme vacation has its pros and cons. Do not forget about contraindications, but taking into account that dives are performed at shallow depths, there is no particular danger. And now, about a number of medical contraindications.

Who can't scuba?

  • epilepsy,
  • schizophrenia,
  • panic attacks,
  • heart diseases,
  • diseases of the urinary system,
  • for any eye problems,
  • diseases of ENT pathology,
  • problems with the lungs, musculoskeletal system.

Fethiye diving center

With a good instructor, equipment, chosen diving depth, and health, everything will go well and safely. We, in turn, work only with proven diving schools in Fethiye. Each client is covered by additional insurance from the German company Allianz.

Details of the Fethiye diving tour can be found on our website. The cost of any excursion can vary, there is a system of discounts for regular customers. For the dive, only professional equipment will be used: wetsuits, masks, fins, an oxygen tank, and a weight belt, without which diving is impossible. Suits will be individually matched to the size of the diver.

Fethiye snorkeling

Fethiye snorkeling: After the theoretical lesson, we proceed immediately to the practical one. First, we learn to breathe through the tube, after which the first diving begins. After a successful dive, all members of the group return to the yacht and get ready for lunch. After that, free time is given to recuperate, when you can sunbathe, take pictures or swim in the sea. Next, we go to the second dive point. We take a swim there already to a more significant depth. Then, we gather on the ship and sail back to the port.

Is scuba diving safe for non swimmers?

Important information: for beginners who have a strong desire to dive but cannot swim, diving is also possible. Thanks to the developed system of diving and ascent, the tourist can only enjoy the underwater beauty around. The whole process will be filmed on video, which can then be bought as a keepsake.

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Fethiye diving share


30 person
Fethiye diving gif

Diving School

Fethiye diving price 2024

Passenger 20 £
Adult 30 £

Fethiye diving programm

  • Transfer from hotels for Fethiye diving
  • Gathering tourists at the port
  • Checking the pulse, pressure in the dive center
  • Boarding a yacht
  • Arrival at the first dive site
  • The theoretical part of training
  • Practical lesson
  • Diving to a depth of 6-12 meters
  • Delicious Dinner
  • Rest on the board
  • Free time for swimming
  • Second Dive
  • Return to port
  • Return transfer to the hotels

Fethiye diving details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:00 – 17:00
Includes lunch, two dives, insurance, equipment, short training, instructor support, transfer.
Excludes Drinks, photos, and videos.
Don't Forgets Towels, swimwear, dry clothes, water, glasses, sunscreen, cap.

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