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Ephesus Tour from Istanbul acquaintance with the history of the ancient city, a walk through the outstanding places that have survived to this day

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Ephesus Tour from Istanbul is an opportunity to see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Every self-respecting tourist includes the maximum number of attractions in the list of "what to see at your leisure." And now, having arrived in Constantinople, for the first time or for the hundredth time, you will always find places that you have not yet been to. Attractions are not always within an accessible distance, sometimes you need to go to them. Literally 20 km from the resort of Kusadasi, you can see ancient Ephesus on the map. Our tourists should literally get to Izmir either by bus or by plane, where they will be met by our qualified English-speaking guide. Ancient Ephesus, where many undisturbed structures have survived to this day. The main building that brought great fame to the city is the Temple of Artemis. The whole atmosphere is permeated with the era of bygone times. You can read reviews about the tour on our website.

Ephesus Tour from Istanbul Program

All buildings, or rather what has survived to this day, are real masterpieces that still preserve the memory of former rulers, their outstanding writers, architects, military leaders and philosophical personalities.

Marble streets of Kuretov, going down which we get to the center, where the main hamam (Turkish bath) is located. There was a washing room, a steam room, as well as a gym and a swimming pool. Going further, stands the outstanding Celsius library. Books, scrolls and various other manuscripts from all over the world were kept there. Of the famous ruins, I would also like to highlight the amphitheater, which can accommodate 30 thousand spectators in its arena. The buildings were visited by prominent historical figures, such as: Alexander the Great, Cicero, Mark Antony, Queen Cleopatra, Christian apostles John and Paul.

Few people know that the Holy Mother of God the Virgin Mary, from whom many Christians ask for protection and help in their affairs, lived in Ephesus. The Mother of God arrived here in her 43rd year of life, due to the persecution of Christians by King Herod. Now this dwelling is a building with a basement, built in the 1st century. AD In 1950, the building was restored and converted into a chapel, where crowds of curious tourists gather.

Another interesting tour is a trip to Pamukkale from Istanbul. The Cotton Castle is a symbol of Turkey, which can be safely recorded in the 8th wonder of the world. The cost is insignificant, and the resulting effect will exceed all expectations. You can buy excursions in Istanbul in our office, or you can fill out an online form on the website.

The program is followed by the Arena Amphitheater. The majestic amphitheater for 30 thousand people is supposedly built by outstanding architects. Its diameter is 50 meters. It is located on the slope of Mount Panair. There is no information about the years of its construction, it is only known that the arena appeared in the time of Trajan. This is the III-IV century BC. The amphitheater was used for various kinds of shows, gladiator fights were held there, comedy and tragedy performances, fights between animals were staged. Even the saints performed in the arena with their preaching of early Christianity. The uniqueness of this place was in the special acoustic effect during the performances.

As part of the Ephesus Tour from Istanbul, we will get to know the library of Celsus. This building was built by Tiberius Julius Aquilus. Construction fell in 114 AD and was completely completed in 135. It contained collectible literature, more than 12,000 scrolls. It is possible that the library was also used as an archive in which documentation was stored. There is also the sarcophagus of Celsus, despite the ban on burials within the city, an exception was made for it. He made a significant contribution to the prosperity of the province. The building consisted of 2 floors. Thanks to the lowered steps on the sides and powerful columns upward, an optical illusion occurs and the library seems taller and more voluminous than its real dimensions. Let this ancient architectural monument take you back to those distant times when these legendary buildings were built, and outstanding important personalities walked the streets. Take a break from modern times with the Minister of Tours during excursions in Istanbul in English.

You can order Ephesus Tour from Istanbul on our website, the main thing is to make your choice because the number of tours we have is simply limitless.

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  • Transfer from Hotel to Ephesus tour from istanbul
  • Acquaintance with the guide,
  • Arrival at the starting point,
  • Walk through the most iconic sights,
  • Dinner in a local restaurant
  • Free time for excursion
  • Return to the airport / train station.

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Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:00 – 17:00
Includes Travel from Izmir, experienced English-speaking guide, insurance included, entrance tickets to Ephesus, lunch.
Excludes Entrance to the House of the Virgin Mary, entrance tickets to Ephesus, cold drinks, personal expenses
Don't Forgets Sun glasses, suncream, caps, panamas, scarves, money

Ephesus Tour from Istanbul

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