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Fire of Anatolia in Istanbul is a show program for true connoisseurs of art, for which you can buy a ticket in winter. Graceful body movements will tell the story of the ancient world in the most unusual way, and artistic scenery and musical accompaniment will come together in this dance piece. We will help you get to the Fire of Anatolia concert, tell you what time it starts and where it takes place, and also provide a detailed schedule, upcoming events, poster of concerts and ticket prices.

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Fire of Anatolia Istanbul more information

The Fire of Anatolia in Istanbul is a depiction of a dance show that aims to unite Eastern and Western cultures. Synthesizing folk dances with ballet, modern dance and other disciplines, he presents the world with a creative celebration according to international standards. Inspired by thousands of years of Anatolian mythological history, the leader is an original project including almost 3,000 folk dance figures and folk music performers from almost all regions.

The Fire of Anatolia Show where it takes place

In summer, you can see a popular show on the Antalya coast at the Gloria Aspendos Arena, which is stylized as the ancient amphitheater of the city of the same name. In winter, the group gives its concerts in the Opera Hall "Turk Telecom", which is located in the cultural center of Ataturk, in the heart of Istanbul, not far from Taksim Square.

In 1999, the head of the ensemble and its founder, Mustafa Erdogan, began working on a difficult project, which was previously called "The Sultans of Dance". Initially, he placed an ad in a newspaper looking for performers. Among the 750 candidates who applied, 90 talented guys were selected, and a painstaking training process began, which lasted for a year and a half. The works focused on combining different choreographic styles. Participants also took theoretical courses on recording local rhythms. Costumes were sewn and the musical component was recorded.

When is the best time to go to the Fire of Anatolia concert

Concerts are held throughout the year, so you can get to the show in any season. The first performance took place on May 3, 2001. Tickets were sold out in large quantities in a couple of hours. The ensemble began its light tour in 2002. It has been viewed by over 45 million art lovers in 106 countries (many have been visited more than once).

The Fire of Anatolia, which are now considered one of the most important dance ensembles in the world thanks to all their foreign tours and advertising work, are the most ambitious project - the universal heritage of Turkish national culture.

The world press followed the performances of the ensemble with great interest, including such major venues as Eurovision 2004; and Universiade-2005. The troupe has performed in the greatest arenas such as New York's Madison Square Garden, Chicago Theatre, Bercy in France, the Chinese Parliament building in China, the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, the Muhammad Ali Mosque in Egypt.

Tourists traveling with children are advised to book a tour at Istanbul Aquarium. A multifunctional aquarium complex, where representatives of flora and fauna live, will help broaden your horizons and get acquainted with natural creations collected from different parts of our planet.

Istanbul Fire of Anatolia concert poster

In winter, the performance is available on Mondays. The start is scheduled at 20:00. All detailed information can be found on the official website or check with our managers. The ticket price will pleasantly surprise tourists. We recommend booking the tour in advance, because the show takes place once a week for a short period of time.

The performance consists of two acts, during the intermission between which you can walk around the theater and enjoy the sculptures of modern art. It is possible to describe the performance of the troupe indefinitely, but here the expression will come in handy: “It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.” The group can perform simultaneously in 3 different parts of the world with its own staff of 250 dancers.

Fire of Anatolia Istanbul,Istanbul upcoming events

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65£ person
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Fire of Anatolia Istanbul price 2024

Adult 65£

Fire of Anatolia Istanbul programm

  • Fire of Anatolia dance show in Istanbul begin with a comfortable transfer of guests from hotels
  • Arrival at the Atatürk Cultural Center - a creative corner in the Beyoğlu region
  • Theatrical performance starts at 20:00
  • The first part of the performance on the stage of the opera hall - the opportunity to see the greatest dancers live
  • Break between acts, during which you can get acquainted with the exhibits of the center
  • The final part of the production is the performance of dance steps, thanks to which the group got into the Guinness Book of Records
  • End of show return to hotels

Fire of Anatolia Istanbul details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 18:00 - 22:00
Includes transfer, guide, insurance, entrance tickets
Excludes additional costs (optional)
Don't Forgets clothes for the day's significance

Istanbul upcoming events

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